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Do You Cry? Here are Personality Traits of Yours That Make You Better Than the Rest

Just because you give a good cry doesn’t mean you are a weakling. Crying is a perfectly normal and healthy thing to do — it can actually be a sign of strength and may even help human beings flourish, according to scientists.

Did you know that there are 3 types of shedding a tear or what’s known in the scientific community as “lacrimation”? They are: basal (takes place constantly to keep the eyes lubricated), reflexive (happens when an irritant needs to be flushed out) and psychic (occurs in relation to emotions). Experts say that there are no other species on the planet that are capable of psychic lacrimation than human beings!

So you see, crying in times of sorrow or extreme joy — or a mix of emotions — is a human thing. The following are some of the advantageous personality traits you have if you’re not afraid to show some waterworks:

You Know How to Lower Your Stress Levels

Crying is an excellent way to eliminate pent up thoughts and emotions, plus without hurting others during the process. The fact is shedding some tears helps reduce one’s stress levels, and there is actually a scientific reason behind it. According to experts, your tears can remove excess stress hormones in the body. You certainly don’t want to have tons of those stress hormones within you as they can cause havoc to your overall health in the long run!

You are Not Afraid of What People Might Think

For many, crying is a pageantry of weakness. However, this is not true at all. The fact that you can give a good cry in front of other people means you don’t really care about the stigma that will be placed upon you — and this is evidently a clear display of strength! Compared to drowning one’s self in alcohol or choosing to become a solitary person, preferring to shed some tears is an indicator that you have the backbone to acknowledge your emotions in a healthy fashion.

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You Help Considerably Improve Your Mood

Popping an antidepressant in your mouth may make you feel better, but it will soon wear off — not to mention that it can come with all sorts of side effects. A much better way to lift your mood is by turning on the waterworks. Based on a University of South Florida study back in 2009, nearly 90 percent of all participants enjoyed lifted mood after shedding some tears, as compared to the rest who said that crying actually made them feel more terrible.

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You Know How to Acknowledge and Confront Your Feelings

Do you find yourself reaching for a box of tissue after receiving a greeting card with a heartwarming message or while watching a movie with a heart-wrenching plot? It’s perfectly fine — you’re only human and humans have emotions. Letting go and having some sobs is a clear indicator that you’re in touch with your inner you, and not afraid to let the world know about it. Don’t resist your emotions — celebrate it in a healthy way and have no regrets!

You Become a Much Better Friend to Others

To friends who are true, crying is not a sign of frailty but rather sheer honesty and openness. You are like sending them a beacon that it is perfectly fine to be emotional. Similarly, shedding some tears in front of others allows you to determine who your true friends are — those who turned their backs on you the moment you displayed your thoughts or emotions should almost certainly be ditched as they evidently couldn’t be there through ups and downs.

Crying from time to time is perfectly healthy and normal. However, it’s an entirely different story if there’s an urge to cry constantly. It’s a good idea to seek the help of a therapist or counselor as it may be a sign of anxiety and depression.




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