Lifestyle Habits That Make Your Underarms Dark

Habits That Make Your Underarms Dark

Having dark underarms can keep you from wearing tube tops, tank tops and bikinis. Or you may still choose to sport them and simply keep your arms glued to your sides to save everyone from having a glimpse of your dark secret.

You can get your hands on all sorts of underarm whitening products, but they won’t produce any favorable effect if you keep on doing certain things that make your armpits dark. Here are some of them:

Constantly Wearing Tight-Fitting Clothes

Friction is something that can definitely darken your underarms. While it’s true that wearing a lot of tight-fitting clothes makes you look trendy and lets you show off your head-turning figure, it can also make your armpits dark as they tend to scrape andirritate the skin, which can definitely lead to darkening. Save your armpits from looking repulsive by avoiding putting on tight-fitting clothes all the time.

Refusal to Lose Unwanted Weight

Being overweight can also cause a lot of friction, thus leaving your underarms darkened. What’s more, having excess pounds can trigger hormonal imbalance, something that can cause all sorts of complications including the darkening of certain areas of the body — your underarms included! Exercise on a regular basis and have well-balanced meals to get rid of unwanted pounds, which is not only good for your armpits but also your overall health.

Failure to Exfoliate on a Regular Basis

Your underarms are prone to collecting dead skin cells, and it’s something that can make them look dark. What you need to do in order to get rid of those excess dead skin cells is by exfoliating. Skincare experts recommend using once or twice a week a mild exfoliating product that contains lactic acid. Exfoliating on a regular basis not only saves your underarms from darkening, but also keeps the skin in the area looking smooth.

Using Deodorants with Harsh Ingredients

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Applying deodorant after you take a shower or bath can keep your underarms from stinking. Something that has anti-perspirant properties it can save you from utter embarrassment, too. However, the use of a deodorant with ingredients that are too harsh on the skin can leave your armpits looking dreadful. What you should do is switch to a mild deodorant that is highly recommended by your family, friends or most female consumers, or a dermatologist.

Washing Them with Soap That Causes Dryness

Sometimes it’s not just the deodorant you apply religiously that can cause underarm darkening, but also the soap you wash them with. Again, it has something to with the strong ingredients the product may have, which can cause skin dryness. One of the most overlooked causes of darkening of skin not only in the armpits but also elsewhere on the body is darkness. To ward off dark armpits, switch to a mild soap.

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Opting for the Wrong Hair Removal Method

Make sure that you opt for a hair removal method for the underarms that suits you perfectly. Otherwise, counting on the wrong one can actually darken the skin in your armpits. Some women can unfavorable results from plucking. Others may end up with dark armpits due to shaving, waxing or the use of depilatories. When choosing a hair removal method, don’t simply consider the practicality and cost, but also the impact it has on your underarm’s appearance.

Not Going for Healthy Eating Habits

Believe it or not, what you put in your mouth can have a direct effect on your armpits. If you habitually stuff your face with greasy and sugary foods, chances are your skin everywhere will end up unhealthy and rough. Having such kind of skin in your underarms can definitely lead to darkening, not to mention other embarrassing and uncomfortable issues such as rashes, pimples and sores right in the armpits.

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