Is Seafood Good for You?

Seafood has always been considered as a delicacy that is packed with various vitamins and minerals that are essential to our overall health. This type of food is also one of the best sources of protein and omega-3 fatty acids that your body needs for muscle and bone development not to mention keeping your heart healthy too.

So what health benefits can you get from eating seafood like fish, seashells, and the like? Here are some that are worth taking note of.

Improves cardiovascular health. Like it was mentioned before, seafood is known for its high amounts of omega-3 fatty acids which promote heart health. Consuming seafood at least twice a week can reduce your risk of suffering from cardiovascular problems like stroke, heart attack, and even irregular heartbeat. Although there is nothing wrong with taking omega-3 supplements, experts still believe eating seafood is considerably better.

Better looking skin. Another benefit to eating seafood is that you can improve your skin’s condition. The presence of protein in fish makes it a good choice for those who want to have youthful looking skin as it helps with collagen production. The omega-3 fatty acids that are also found in seafood can provide protection to the skin against the harsh rays of the sun.

Maintains good eyesight. A study that was published in 2014 in the Investigative Ophthalmology & Visual Science Journal suggests that eating seafood can reduce one’s risk of macular degeneration or poor eyesight as they age. What’s more, the omega-3 fatty acids can keep the eyes bright as well as healthy not to mention improves their ability to see at night.

Stronger immune system. Thanks to the omega-3 fatty acids that are found in seafood like fish and seashells, you can actually help give your immune system a boost. This nutrient can prevent allergies and even asthma attacks from taking place because it aids the immune system. One antioxidant that is found in seafood that is effective in ensuring the proper function of your immune system is selenium. This means that eating a diet that contains seafood can actually protect you against various illnesses.

Combats depression. Another benefit that is linked to eating seafood is that it can alleviate and possibly treat depression. Scientists believe that the consumption of omega-3 fatty acids, which are present in seafood, is the key to such behaviour. It is possible that through eating high amounts of fish, seashells and other types of seafood can reward you with a more positive outlook in the long run.

Improves brainpower. What other benefits can you get from eating seafood? How about better brain power? The omega-3 essential nutrients present in seafood can reduce your risk of cognitive decline while promoting better brain in growth in babies and children. There are studies pointing to better cognitive function in elderly women who consume seafood on a regular basis.

As you can see, there are plenty of health benefits that you can reap from eating seafood. Even taking omega-3 supplements can provide you with better immune system and cognitive function in the long run.

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