Natural Ways to Enhance Your Child’s Immune System

Parents want to be able to protect their children from various ailments as much as possible, and although providing them with supplements to help fill up the missing nutrients in their body, some are considering healthier and safer alternatives to enhance their children’s immune system.

Fortunately, enhancing the immune system doesn’t mean that you will be taking more supplements, because there are several natural ingredients that can do the job well. As a matter of fact, here are a few that you should include in your child’s diet to support their developing immune system.

Vitamin C

When it comes to preventing cold and flu, you’re probably thinking of stepping up the amount of vitamin C that you are giving your child. Vitamin C is known to reduce inflammation, fight infection, and even reduce one’s risk of illness. However, since the body cannot store this nutrient, your child needs constant source of vitamin C which can be from food sources like citrus fruits.


Your child’s immune system can be compromised if they are missing out on their much-needed sleep. Just think about it. Their body needs rest in order for them to become stronger and healthier which means that if they are deprived of their sleep, their body won’t be able to complete the rejuvenation process. This can lead to poor immune system leaving your child prone to various ailments. On the other hand, those who are getting up to 8 hours of quality sleep are in a much better position to fight off infections.


Although this doesn’t have to be listed here, some parents tend to ply their children with juice which can do more harm than good. Water not only keeps your child hydrated but it also helps get rid of any toxins that the immune system is fighting off. You can always add fruits to their water to make their drink more refreshing and nutritious too if you like.

Reduce stress

Adults aren’t the only ones who feel stressed at work because children can also feel the pressure of having to excel at school. Some children tend to sleep late at night because of this or worry too much about their exams that their immune system gets compromised. When their stress levels remain high, they will be at risk from several health issues like cold, cough, and others. That said, make sure that you give your child some downtime where they can play and release some of their worries. They will be able to cope up with their tasks better this way.


Another way to help boost your child’s immune system is to ensure that their gut bacteria is balanced. One way to do this is to give them probiotics so that the good bacteria can help with your child’s immune system. Think yogurt, miso, and kimchi as these are all good sources of probiotics. Talk to your child’s doctor or pediatrician if they can recommend something else too.

Bone broth

What else can you use to boost your child’s immune system? Bone broth is actually effective in fighting off the cold and flu virus as it has the ability to keep inflammation at bay. Serving some bone broth to your children, especially during the flu season, can keep them free from any viruses that are spreading lately.

Protecting your child from various health issues is possible especially when you add these natural steps to your routine. Knowing how to enhance their immune system can go a long way in keeping them free from harmful bacteria and virus.

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