Have You Heard of These Soy Coffee Benefits?

Perhaps you have heard a few of your friends proudly say that they’re currently hooked on soy coffee. Should you follow suit? Before you start to order or make at home your very first cup of soy coffee, read this article first. Below you will come across some of the most amazing health benefits offered by soy coffee:

It Boosts the Process of Digestion

Every serving of soy coffee contains good amounts of dietary fiber, thanks to the soy milk added to it. Dietary fiber is good for your digestion as it assists in the breaking down of food, thus allowing you to obtain vitamins and minerals with reduced risk of indigestion and also constipation.

It Helps Control Blood Sugar Levels

Dietary fiber in a cup of soy coffee also helps in regulating the amount of sugar released into the blood at a time, which means that consuming it can actually help in keeping high blood sugar levels at bay. Just make sure that you don’t sweeten your soy coffee with refined sugar to stave off hyperglycemia and its complications.

It May Lower Bad Cholesterol

Because of soy coffee’s dietary fiber content, consuming it on a regular basis may help in lowering bad cholesterol in the blood — dietary fiber is capable of sweeping bad cholesterol out of the body. With your bad cholesterol lowered, your arteries are less likely to end up clogged, thus helping to lower heart disease risk.

It May Prevent High Blood Pressure, Too

Aside from bad cholesterol, soy coffee is also capable of lowering high blood pressure. That’s because soy milk that is used to make coffee creamy contains potassium. According to heart experts, potassium helps in preventing hypertension or high blood pressure by causing the blood vessels to widen.

It Helps Build Muscles

Soy coffee has protein in it, courtesy of its soy milk content. Although cow’s milk that is commonly added to coffee has protein too, it’s something that cannot be consumed by all, in particular those that are lactose intolerant and vegetarians. On the other hand, a cup of soy milk is safe for everyone to consume on a regular basis.

It Promotes Weight Reduction

Unlike cow’s milk, soy milk added to soy coffee contains very, very low amounts of saturated fat, to the point that it’s negligible. This type of milk obtained from soybeans is also low in calories. Provided that you do not add refined sugar to your every cup of soy coffee, you will find it easier to lose those unwanted pounds.

It May Actually Prevent Breast Cancer

Before, it is said that soy milk and other soy products may cause breast cancer. However, recent studies say that all food products from soy may actually prevent it from striking. Some scientists add that breast cancer survivors may enjoy longer lives by consuming soy and soy-based products. So go ahead and have your soy coffee!

Have you tried consuming a cup of soy coffee? How is it compared to coffee with cow’s milk or creamer? Feel free to share your first experience with soy coffee in the comments section below.

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