Can Anxiety Medication be Purchased Over the Counter?

Do you have a problem with your medication? Having trouble buying them over the counter? The problem with anxiety medication is you have to get your doctor’s permission to buy medication over the counter. If you have a serious mental condition like anxiety that requires you to have strong doses of medication, you cannot just buy it over the counter.

Anxiety is not very easy to cope with, especially if you are the type of person who gets bothered to easily, or scared too easily. During your bouts of anxiety attacks and nervousness, you would normally want fast relief to help calm you down when your doctor is not available to give you a prescription.

The first action in mind would be to buy medication over the counter. A lot of people start to wonder, “can I get fast medication without my doctor prescribing it for me? “Is there anything that I can take now that will alleviate my panic? Where can I buy it?”

Unfortunate to say, that there is no such thing as quick over the counter anxiety medication. You would be happy to know that there are some alternatives that you can take that don’t require a prescription, but in general these are the type of medication that will only be able to give you temporary relief because they are considered controlled substances.

Even if there are alternatives, these medications if taken without a prescription can cause too much activity in your brain and can be dangerous, which means that you really need the supervision of your doctor to take them.

Why all anxiety medications need to be prescribed by a doctor

As we all know, anxiety is not the type of mental condition that can be overcome by thinking about it to go away. Of course these types of disorders need long-term medication. Anxiety is a mental condition, which means that you need a type of medication that will change the way you feel emotionally and the way you think about certain situations.

It usually involves learning to control the issues that cause you stress, which medications cannot provide for you. You need to learn how to control the way you think, and you also need to train your brain to feel relaxed at all times, even without the medications.

Since medications are an additive to your treatment, they can only do so much for you. Always remember that medications are temporary, they only help you dull the anxiety in your system, but they don’t cure it completely.

If you do not learn how to train yourself to overcome the anxiety you feel everyday, you can end up taking the medication for the rest of your life, which is never an idea that you should stick with.  Anxiety medications only lasts a year, or until you are strong enough to control it.

That is why most of these medications can only be bought over the counter, because your doctor really has to give you the permission to use it.

 If you have noticed, most anxiety patients like to keep taking these medications because some of the medicines they use are also drugs of abuse. Doctors prescribe this medication because it is the only substance that can help you control the anxiety that you feel.

Drugs can cause serious mental impairment if you are not careful with your dosage, and if these drugs were always available, and you were allowed to purchase this over the counter without permission from your doctor, it can become very dangerous.

There are a lot of over the counter anxiety medication alternatives that you can take if you want a fast fix. But, if you really are not comfortable with taking alternatives, you can always ask your doctor to prescribe you with medication for a month so that you do not have to keep going back, but always be careful, getting too dependent on the drugs can cause harm to your body, and you do not want that.




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