Sculpt the Butt Minus Knee Pain

Knee pain happens from time to time but when it starts getting in the way of your work or activities, you know you’re going to have to find a way to deal with it. Another problem that this injury poses is that you might not be able to exercise as much as you want to. But should your bad knee prevent you from training your glutes for a more sculpted butt?

Fortunately, there are exercises that can let you strengthen and tone your butt even when your knees are not in their best condition. If you want to show a sculpted behind even when you have a bad knee, try these exercises out.

  • Kickbacks. This bodyweight exercise is a good place to start with your butt workout. Go down on all fours on the floor with your hands placed under your shoulders and your knees at 90 degrees. Keep your back straight and your core engaged. Kickback your right leg behind you then go back to your starting position. Do 10 reps first before switching to the other leg. You can increase the intensity of the kickbacks by adding a cable, theraband, or even ankle weights.
  • Bridge. Another exercise that won’t cause your knee to twinge while training your glutes is the bridge. Start this exercise by lying on the floor with your knees bent. You can bring your heels closer to your butt if you really want to work out your glutes. Place your hands on your sides then engage your core. Push down on your feet as you lift your hips off the floor until you create a straight line from your knees to your shoulders. Go back to your first position and repeat.
  • Plank with Leg Raise. You can also try doing planks with leg raise to work on your butt while easing on the pressure you are putting on your knees. As the name suggests, you need to start on a plank position. Make sure that your hands are directly underneath your shoulders with your wrists stacked and your feet extended behind you and balanced on the balls of your feet. Raise your right leg until it is higher than your behind and hold this pose as long as you can manage. Make sure that your back is straight and that your core is engaged to keep your whole body properly balanced. Repeat with the other leg.
  • Clamshell. Here’s another butt workout that will go easy on your knees. First, you need to lie on your left side with your legs stacked and your feet together. Prop yourself up on your left forearm. Keep your core engaged throughout this exercise. Raise your right knee at least 4 inches while engaging your glutes. Think of your knees like a clamshell where you open and close. Go back to your first position and repeat 10 to 12 times. Switch to the other leg and repeat the steps.




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