Healthy PicksHealthy Activities to Do Before Bed

Healthy Activities to Do Before Bed

Instead of staring at your phone or looking through your social media account on your tablet before hitting the sack, why not try something that can actually make you healthier? Studies have shown that people that use their phones or other electronic devices before bed are less likely to get a good night’s rest than those who don’t. The light emitted from your gadgets can affect your quality of sleep and can be a temptation in the middle of the night. It’s time to unplug and enjoy a few hours of peace. So, what do you replace scrolling through your phones before sleeping? There are a lot of healthier activities that you can do to replace it. Try them out and experience changes in your physical and mental health.

Talking To Your Partner

If you live with your partner, family or friends – it can be beneficial to have a chat before going to sleep. Instead of chatting online, talking to someone face to face can greatly reduce stress. Talking to a loved one about your day or even talking about a show you watched this morning can help reduce stress levels. This can help you fall asleep faster and reduce the chances of waking up in the middle of the night. If you live with your special someone, cuddling before sleep can have a more relaxing effect. If you live alone, you can always call up your friends or family. As soon as you are sleepy, stash your phone away to prevent reaching out to play games or surf the net.


We can watch a movie or the news before going to sleep, but nothing can relax our mind than a good read. There is a way to numb the brain at the same time increase brain function. Reading a good book can help put your mind and body in a relaxed state before sleep. This also helps make you feel a lot sleepier faster than scrolling through your phone or TV. Research has shown that reading can help improve sleep. Reading something calming or captivating can also help give you a sound sleep.


We all know how good meditation is for your mind and body. Simple breathing exercises before you sleep will not only help you fall asleep faster, it can also relax the body, give you a better sleep and improve body function as you sleep. Even just a few minutes of meditation can do wonders. Try it out for a few days and see the huge difference in your sleep cycle. You can perform different types of meditation.

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Warm Bath or Shower

Sleeping after you just taken a bath or shower feels a lot lighter than just crashing into bed after a long day at work. You can up the relaxing factor by showering or bathing in warm water. Our body tends to be warmer when we sleep. This is why we tend to fall asleep faster in warmer weather than cold ones. The ideal temperature is 68 degrees. Taking a warm bath before you sleep can get your temperature to that level faster. As your body cools down, the more relax it become making it easier for you to fall asleep.

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Intercourse can help produce the hormone oxytocin. This is a feel good hormone that can help reduce cortisol. Oxytocin can put our body in a state of relaxation that can help put us to sleep. Beside that intercourse contain lots of health benefits such as improve blood flow and heart function. If you do not have a partner, a little bit of self-love can do the trick.

Drink Some Tea

Different types of tea contain different types of benefits. Opt for ones that contain calming properties such as chamomile tea. The warmth of the tea cup in your hand and as you drink it can be comforting and relaxing. Making this a practice is a healthy habit. This can help with digestion and stress relief. Drink up before going to bed.

When it comes to bed time a lot of spend our last few hours before going to sleep checking our phone, watching a movie or playing something on your gadgets. We often believe that these can help them fall asleep, but in truth it does the complete opposite. What we do at night affect our physical and mental health. It is important for us to unwind before going to bed. This can guarantee a peaceful night. These activities are a healthier alternative to simply scroll through your phone. If you are looking to do something beneficial to your health, try these activities.














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