Health Benefits of Moth Beans

Moth beans are native to both India and Pakistan. However, it’s also cultivated in many other parts of Asia, as well as Australia and the US. What’s so great about moth beans is they can thrive even without water. In fact, they are said to be one of the most drought-resistant pulses on the face of the planet.

Being rich in protein, moth beans are superb at building muscles and providing energy. They contain B vitamins, too, which help in fueling the body. Moth beans also yield good amounts of magnesium, calcium, potassium, phosphorous, manganese, iron, copper, sodium and zinc.

One of the nicest things about moth beans is they are highly versatile as superfoods. In places where they are native to, they are fried and consumed as snack. They also make for excellent vegetables when boiled. Moth beans may be sprouted and added to all sorts of vegetable dishes, and they can be turned into flour, too.

Aside from the fact that moth beans can be consumed in a wide variety of ways, they also offer an array of health benefits, courtesy of their impressive nutritional profile. Below you will find some of the reasons why you should try to include moth beans in your diet as often as you can:

They Help Make Your Bones Strong

Calcium is one of the many nutrients found in moth beans. As everyone knows, the said mineral is important for making the bones stronger and preventing osteoporosis from striking. There is also phosphorous in moth beans, which is another nutrient vital for strengthening the bones, experts say.

They Boost Your Immune System

With the remarkable number of nutrients found in moth beans, it’s no wonder why their consumption can help make your body more defended against disease-causing bacteria, viruses and even fungi. What makes moth beans particularly very good at making you more immune to a host of health problems is its zinc content.

They Help Reduce the Impact of Stress

Speaking of which, scientists say that zinc works as an antioxidant that helps control oxidative stress. This only means that the regular consumption of moth beans is perfect for people who have very busy day-to-day lives. The inclusion of moth beans and other zinc-containing foods in the diet can help lessen the impact of stress to the body.

They Build and Repair Muscles

Just like so many other pulses out there, moth beans are phenomenal sources of protein. It’s common knowledge that protein is important for building as well as repairing muscles. Moth beans are especially beneficial for vegetarians who have to obtain their protein from food products that are not from animals.

They Also Assist in Weight Reduction

Being high in protein, moth beans are perfect for individuals who want to become slimmer. That’s because they help in increasing muscle mass, which causes the burning of a lot of calories all the time. Also, protein is something that’s hard to digest, and this helps make a person’s metabolic rate accelerate.

They Increase Energy Levels

Moth beans also contain B vitamins which are necessary for the conversion of food into fuel. Definitely, the addition of these pulses in your everyday diet is a wonderful idea most especially if your daily activities are strenuous. Combine with their stress-reducing properties courtesy of their zinc content, moth beans can keep you going.

They Promote Regular Bowel Movement

Lastly, moth beans help save you from ending up constipated. It’s for the fact that fiber is one of the many nutrients they have. Needless to say, moth beans help promote regularity and eliminate toxins in the gut. Since they are loaded with fiber, moth beans may also lower your risk of high blood pressure, high cholesterol and heart disease.




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