Fitness Why Mopping the Floor is a Wonderful Workout

Why Mopping the Floor is a Wonderful Workout

Wanting to workout but you’re not in the mood to hit the gym? Then take the mop and bucket out of storage — getting your floor spotless is actually a wonderful exercise, say fitness experts.

Did you know that something as simple as devoting 60 minutes of your time to making the floor gleam is enough to zap more than 200 calories? And the best thing about it is you are doing both your body and abode a huge favor! All the pushing and pulling you have to do can help keep your body in shape and your home spic and span.

What makes floor mopping a fantastic form of exercise is the fact that it’s actually a combination of cardio and strength training, so it’s really a superb calorie burner and muscle builder!

After the cleaning session is through, the panting and rapid heart rate you get is a testament that mopping is indeed a cardiovascular exercise, and the burning of the muscles in your legs and arms is a clear indicator that you just gave yourself some serious muscle-toning workout. Needless to say, floor mopping is the ultimate exercise!

Here are some tips and tricks to ensuring that every mopping beats going to the gym:

Clear the path

Want to make the most out of every floor mopping routine? Then get those pieces of furniture out of the way. Not only will it allow you to make every inch of the floor spotless, but also enable you to work out various muscle groups of the body courtesy of all the lifting and pushing of heavy things.

Don’t forget those hard-to-reach places 

Making sure that even the least accessible areas are mopped thoroughly adds intensity to your workout, especially if you attempt to deal with dirt and grime in those remote sections doing lunges. It’s also a wonderful idea for you to grab a rag, get down on all floors, and clean those really tight corners.

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Lift the bucket around

All the bucket carrying you need to do as you move from one section of your house to the other helps strengthen the muscles in your lower and upper extremities, as well as those in your core. So in other words, practically all the major muscle groups in your body are given the exercise they need.

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Wring like you’ve never wrung before 

There are lots and lots of wringing involved throughout the floor mopping session, and this gives your arms some serious workout — the muscles in both the upper and lower arms are all covered! Wringing is also great for strengthening your grip as well as improving wrist flexibility.

Ditch the mop for sexier legs 

If you’re in the mood for burning tons of calories and giving your leg muscles a superb workout, then use a rag instead of a mop to get your floor sparkling. Just make sure that you divide the workload equally between your legs to ensure that each one gets the same amount of exercise.

If you’re amazed at how floor mopping can actually give you the body of your dreams, then kindly have this article shared on social media and let everyone know about it, too!

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