Post Pregnancy Skin Care to Remember

Pregnant women usually have that radiant glow to them, with their hair shiny, their skin giving off that natural pinkish glow to it, and they do feel great overall. But then, things change after you have given birth, with your skin looking dull and dry, your hair thinning out, and spots and wrinkles appearing too, not to mention feeling dehydrated with all the breastfeeding that you have been doing lately. This is not surprising given that most of your time is dedicated to caring for your new bundle of joy, but this doesn’t mean that you should forget about yourself too. Fortunately, there are a few tips that you can take advantage of for your post pregnancy skin care that you should try out.

New skincare regimen

Mothers barely have time to pay attention to their skin when their newborn is demanding a lot of attention. That cleansing as well as moisturizing routine that you’ve done before may no longer be part of your day-to-day routine especially when you have barely slept a wink. Unfortunately, this leads to dull and dry looking skin which can be corrected by trying out a new regimen. The good news is that there are skin care products that work double duty such as acting as cleanser and toner at the same time.


Moisturizing your skin while you are pregnant and afterwards can help with minimizing the presence of stretch marks around your midsection and hips. Since your body undergoes changes during your pregnancy, expect that your skin will stretch and tear causing those white lines to appear. By applying moisturizer regularly, you will be able to heal and strengthen your muscles and tissues.

Clean eating

Since your body is still undergoing hormonal changes, it would be a good idea to be careful with what you eat. Clean eating is the best approach here since your baby is also relying on you for his or her nutrients, which is why you should opt for more leafy greens and rainbow colored foods since they pack plenty of vitamins and minerals that can protect your skin from further damage.

Natural facial oil

Sooner or later you will be out socializing with friends and family and there is not enough makeup to make you appear fresh. The problem is due to your skin lacking moisture which prevents make up from adhering to your skin properly. Fortunately, there is an easy way to correct this and that is by applying natural oils on your skin during bedtime and leaving it overnight. Consider using almond facial oil because it works three ways: facial cleanser, eye makeup remover, and moisturizer at the same time.

Drink plenty of water

Since you are breastfeeding regularly, you will need to replace those lost fluids as much as possible. Drinking water is one of the best methods of replenishing your store of fluids which will not only keep you hydrated, but it will also help with getting rid of any toxic buildup in your system. As a plus, water can also help you produce more milk which is needed by your little one.

Massage oil

Another post pregnancy skin care tip to remember is to add some massage oil to your routine. Getting a good massage with the help of massage oil will not only help ease the tiredness from your body, but it can also help you with reducing swollen feet and ankles too which are due to your pregnancy.

Taking care of your body after your pregnancy shouldn’t be too difficult to do especially when you follow the tips mentioned above.

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