Signs You May Have a Kidney Problem

Perhaps you have read somewhere that a person can have a normal life even with just one kidney. Although that is a fact, don’t risk it — you should do your best to keep both of your pair of kidneys in tip-top shape.

Otherwise, it’s not unlikely for you to encounter many different problems, most of them very serious and life-threatening, if both of your kidneys are not working optimally.

In this article, you will come across some of the signs that may reveal you have a kidney problem.

But before we discuss those, let us first know some of the reasons why your kidneys are some of the most important vital organs in your body. According to doctors, your kidneys are responsible for:

Removing toxins and waste products from your bloodstream, flushing them out of the body before they cause problems with your cells, tissues and organs. 

Maintaining overall fluid balance and also regulating minerals in the body. 

Producing all sorts of hormones that are needed for the production of red blood cells, keeping the bones strong, and also maintaining normal and healthy blood pressure.

As you can see, it’s a must for you to keep your kidneys in a healthy state!

Make sure that you pay your doctor a visit if you are experiencing unusual symptoms as some of them can be telltale signs of a kidney problem. Some of those that may be linked to a kidney issue include:

Constant Fatigue

As earlier mentioned, one of the roles that are carried out by the kidneys is the filtration of the blood. If your kidneys are not in a great shape, it’s not unlikely for poisonous substances and other impurities to accumulate in your bloodstream, and this can cause you to feel exhausted all of the time.

Loss of Appetite

There are so many things that can be blamed for loss of appetite, and having an issue with the kidneys is one of them. It has something to do with the accumulation of substances within that the kidneys cannot remove properly.

Poor Concentration

Having lots of toxins and waste products in the blood due to poorly functioning kidneys can also have an impact on the functioning of your brain. You may have trouble concentrating and your memory may become dull.

Skin Dryness and Itchiness

Having unhealthy kidneys can leave your skin feeling dry and itchy. It’s for the fact that the kidneys are no longer able to remove impurities in the blood efficiently, and that’s something that can have all sorts of negative effects on your skin. Imbalance of minerals can also be the result of a kidney problem, and that can cause skin problems, too.


One of the roles of the kidneys is to maintain proper fluid balance. That is why you may experience puffiness if your kidneys are incapable of carrying out its various tasks properly. You may notice that your eyes and even your entire face are puffy, and it’s very much likely for your feet and ankles to be swollen as well.

Frequent or Infrequent Peeing

Having a problem with the kidneys can cause you to pee more often or less often. If you do urinate less often, you may notice that your pee is dark in color. Blood in the urine can also be a sign of a kidney problem.

But before you panic, ask yourself: how much water are you drinking per day? If you are guzzling down lots and lots of water, then it’s not unlikely for you to have the urge to pee more often. If you are not drinking enough water, it’s very much possible for you to pee less often, and your urine may also appear dark.

Muscle Cramping

Since one of jobs of your kidneys is to regulate fluid balance, you may experience a lot of muscle cramps if you have a kidney problem due to an imbalance in electrolytes.

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