Beginner Split Stretches to Try

Sometimes we just need to push ourselves a bit further when it comes to our health. It may be something simple as walking farther than usual, doing more reps compared to last week, or doing split stretches. You’ve probably looked at how flexible others are especially when performing splits. Well, they may have the bone structure to do this or they have started young in doing them. Whatever the reason may be for them to be able to do split stretches, you can actually train yourself to do it too. It takes constant practice to pull this off. If you are interested in doing some split stretches, try these steps out.

Forward bend

This exercise should be done standing up with your feet side by side, and your arms by your side. Bring your hands up overhead in a prayer pose then do a swan dive with your arms as well as your chest toward the floor. Allow your fingertips or even your palms to fall on your feet. Now bring chest towards the knees. Give your knees some bend if you are having trouble reaching your toes. Push your chin as well as your chest to your knees as well as thighs to get the most stretch. Avoid locking knees as this can cause injury.

Frog pose

For this exercise, you should lie down on your stomach with the soles of feet pressed together. Now raise your legs off the floor while the soles still touching one another. This will give your inner thighs a nice stretch. Now place one foot on the other then raise them once more. This will actually help give your thighs a deeper stretch since the other foot is being pressed down. This helps to deepen the stretch further. Switch the position of your feet and repeat. You should continue alternating until you have given your legs the stretch that they need.

Lizard pose

To do the lizard pose, you will need to do a low lunge pose where you need to bend the front knee while it is aligned with your ankle, and the back leg stretched at the back. You can either choose to have the back knee away from the floor or have it resting gently on the floor. Position both of your hands at the inner side of the foot in front. Bring yourself closer to the floor by resting your forearms on the floor. This will help bring your chest towards the ground. If you are having a hard time completing this, place a small block where you can position your forearms on. Stay in this pose for as long as you can manage then switch legs. 

These exercises are just a few examples of split stretches that will really work your lower limbs. You’ll find that you’ll have better range of motions afterwards too.

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