6 Reminders for Single Tasking

In these times when we are too busy doing so many things at the same time that we are no longer enjoying the moments. Unfortunately, this is what makes us forget to appreciate the simple things in life because we are constantly multitasking. You’re probably doing it right now, reading this article while traveling on a bus or train, with your earphones and listening to music. There is so much going on that try as we might to get a lot of things done at the same time, we end up doing nothing at all. This is why, it pays to start learning how to single task. Do you want to know how? Here are some suggestions to try.

Eat breakfast only

We’re all guilty of having breakfast with our phone open while checking emails and other social media accounts. This is one of the reasons why we don’t pay much attention to what we are eating hence we end up eating more than is necessary.

Connect with people

Here’s the tricky part. When communicating with others, we often tend to speak without really listening and reacting without really absorbing what the other person is saying. This often leads to miscommunication.  When it comes to connecting with people, try to listen first before reacting and you will find that it is easier to understand what the other person is saying instead of butting in when they are talking.


A messy desk is a sign of a creative mind they say but when your desk is becoming too cluttered, you might have a hard time concentrating on your task. It is high time that you declutter your space as this will help clear your mind too. Remove those things that you don’t need so you can make way for more creativity to flow.

Detox from gadgets

We are all hooked to our gadgets that it is almost impossible not to check our phones, tablets, or computers the entire day. But we do need to detox our body from these devices so that we will be able to enjoy our surroundings better.

Do tasks in 20 minute intervals

This is referred to as the Pomodoro method where in you will divide your tasks in 20 minute intervals. This aims to help you to focus more rather than keeping your mind divided with multiple tasks.

Have a nighttime ritual

There are times when you simply feel too stressed out with the kind of work that we do and because of our busy and often hectic schedule, we just want to plunk down on our bed and just sleep. But this will leave our body too tense that we end up having a fitful sleep. A better option would be to slow things down on your end by having a night time ritual. It can be something simple as having a cup of tea at least half an hour before bedtime, or listening to some calming music.

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