NutritionTop Benefits of L-Glutamine

Top Benefits of L-Glutamine

L-Glutamine has been making rounds in the fitness industry as it helped preserve muscle tissue. In essence, L-glutamine is a type of amino acid that is actually the building block of protein. Among the uses of glutamine powder were to promote weight loss, build muscle, and to burn fats too. It is also useful in addressing leaky gut as well as improving your overall health.

Although this ingredient is commonly used by those who are in training, many are wondering what can L-glutamine do for them. Here are some of the known benefits of L-glutamine that you should know about.

  • Boosts gastrointestinal health. If you are suffering from gastrointestinal problems, L-glutamine can do something about that. Studies show that this amino acid can actually treat leaky gut and other symptoms so you will feel better soon.
  • Hydrates cells. L-glutamine is also known for its ability to hydrate cells. When the cell volume is enhanced, it cuts back the time for your muscles to recover from your intense workout, wounds, or even injuries. Muscle repair becomes more effective when the hydration levels and cell volume are enhanced hence the need for L-glutamine.
  • Aids metabolism. Another benefit to L-glutamine is that it helps speed up your metabolism. This encourages weight loss especially when partnered with regular exercise. When there is an increase in your HGH levels through L-glutamine, your body’s ability to burn excess fats speeds up. This makes it easier for you to achieve a leaner physique.
  • Improves your energy levels. L-glutamine has many roles in our body and one of them is aid in detoxifying the body from high levels of ammonia. It actually converts excess ammonia to amino sugars, urea, and other types of amino acids. By taking this ingredient, you are actually enhancing your endurance which is a huge advantage especially those who are long distance runners or need more energy to complete their intense training.
  • Enhances brain function. Another benefit that is linked to L-glutamine is better brain function. Those who are taking this amino acid found that they can focus better and that their stress levels were significantly reduced. It can improve your mood too which helps you concentrate better.
  • Better athletic performance. If you wish to become better in sports or fitness training, adding L-glutamine to your diet can be a huge advantage. Apart from enhancing your metabolism, L-glutamine can help you recover faster so you’ll be able to do more workouts without hurting your muscles too much. It usually takes glutamine levels to return to normal five days after an intense workout but supplementing this with L-glutamine can actually speed up the process.
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These are just a few known benefits that are related to taking L-Glutamine. There are different types of foods that contain this amino acid but you can also take it in supplement form. Regardless of how you’re going to take L-glutamine, there is no doubt that your body will reap some impressive rewards from it.





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