Increase Immunity and Lower Anxiety With Gandhi Root Essential Oil

There is a flowering plant called homalomena that is native to India, and it possesses various medicinal properties. The roots of the said plant can be crushed and steam distilled to yield what’s known as Gandhi root essential oil. Aromatherapists around the globe use this fragrant oil in boosting the immune system and reducing anxiety and stress. It is also commonly used for reducing pain and inflammation, as well as controlling microbial activity.

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The fragrance of Gandhi essential oil can be best described as woody, resinous, warm and radiant. A lot of people love that it has a unique exotic aroma. The smell of this volatile oil blends very well with clove bud, rosewood and sandalwood essential oils. For topical use, it can be diluted with just about any carrier oil of your preference.

One of the most popular uses of Gandhi root essential oil is for lowering anxiety. Oftentimes, it is also employed for reducing high levels of stress. Taking a whiff of the really pleasing yet highly interesting smell of this healing aromatic oil from India is often enough to have both your mind and body calmed.

Needless to say, Gandhi root essential oil may be utilized, too, by those who are suffering from insomnia — it provides an all-natural way to induce sleep without causing the individual to feel lethargic and groggy the following day, like most sleeping pills do.

Lots and lots or spas out there use Gandhi root essential oil in promoting relaxation. A lot of people who step foot in the said establishments are looking for ways to get away from the hustle and bustle of city living, and an excellent way for them to attain much-needed relaxation is by being introduced to the fragrance of Gandhi root essential oil.

Because of the superb ability of Gandhi root essential oil to calm the body and mind, it is oftentimes utilized by those wish to meditate. It’s the perfect oil for you if meditating is one of your chosen anti-stress activities. In India, by the way, this oil is generally used by those who are in need of some spiritual healing.

Gandhi root essential oil is also a popular volatile oil for enhancing the immune system. It is usually recommended for people who often end up suffering from various respiratory tract infections like the common cold and flu.

Those who are already afflicted with infections of the upper respiratory tract may also take advantage of Gandhi root essential oil, most especially if they are suffering from congestion. A few drops of this oil may be placed in a large bowl of hot water, and the steam produced should be inhaled to loosen thick phlegm and mucus. Gandhi essential oil may also be diluted carrier oil and then applied on the chest to also help with relieving symptoms.

Some of the other impressive health benefits that Gandhi root essential oil is known to bring include:

Reduction of pain and inflammation

Once diluted, Gandhi root essential oil may be massaged on achy and swollen joints and muscles, making it beneficial for those with rheumatism and osteoarthritis.

Improvement of the mood

Those who are suffering from mild depression may count on the smell of Gandhi root essential oil to feel lifted. However, consulting a specialist is still highly recommended.

Prevention of localized infections

Diluted Gandhi root essential oil may be applied on minor cuts and burns to kill off microbes and prevent an infection from striking. It’s also good for boils, insect bites and pimples.

Make sure that you use Gandhi root essential oil with the help of an experienced aromatherapist. If you are pregnant, breastfeeding or diagnosed with a medical condition, talk with your doctor first before trying to employ this essential oil for any therapeutic purpose.

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