Garlic Water Benefits

Everyone has heard of water that’s infused with slices of cucumber, lemon, watermelon and a bunch of others. But not too many people have heard about garlic water.

If you’re interested to know how to make garlic water and why drink it, too, simply read on. Below you will learn how to whip up a cup of garlic water and also the perks to enjoy for consuming it.

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Fresh Garlic Water is Best

On the internet, you may come across recipes for making garlic water that takes a couple of hours to complete because of the need to allow garlic cloves to soak in water for a long time.

However, none of them allows you to enjoy the best garlic water because the resulting product is no longer fresh. For best results, you should consume nothing but freshly-made garlic water!

You see, garlic water can easily become bad. No, it’s not because of bacterial activity that happens with food, but it’s due to the fact that prolonged exposure to the environment can make garlic ineffective.

How to Make a Cup of It Correctly

To make the freshest garlic water out there, you will need to get your hands on a stainless steel tea infuser. It’s something that you can easily buy these days as brewing tea at home is quite popular.

Peel two fresh garlic cloves and mince. Place in the stainless steel tea infuser. Add 3 slices of fresh lemon, too. Afterwards, immerse in a cup of warm water.

Add 3 drops of olive oil to the cup of warm water and allow 15 minutes to pass. Remove the stainless steel tea infuser, give the brew a quick stir and then consume right away.

The Ingredients Used

You may be wondering why a couple of other ingredients are also used in making fresh garlic water. Well, each one of them offers something special to give you the best cup of garlic water ever.

Lemon has antioxidants, and it helps protect those powerful compounds in garlic from damage. Also, lemon has its own set of health perks to offer.

On the other hand, olive oil helps absorb some of the fat-soluble compounds in garlic, making sure that they are still intact the moment you start drinking your garlic water.

Various Benefits to Enjoy

There are simply lots and lots of health benefits to enjoy for regularly drinking garlic water. One of the most noteworthy of them all is reduced risk of heart disease, heart attack and stroke.

Garlic water helps thin the blood, keeping blood clots from forming. Garlic also helps to lower the blood pressure as well as bad cholesterol.

Some other perks to enjoy for drinking garlic water on a regular basis include: increased resistance to infections, reduced joint pain and swelling, alleviated skin conditions, and detoxified systems.

Just a Few Words of Caution

Because garlic water is so powerful, you really don’t have to drink it every single day. Having a cup of it once or twice a week is usually enough for you to enjoy the many health benefits it’s known to offer.

The best time to drink garlic water, by the way, is first thing in the morning. Without anything in your stomach, you can rest assured that nothing can keep it from being properly absorbed.

If currently you are taking blood thinners or blood pressure lowering medications, do not take garlic water without first consulting your doctor about your plan on consuming it on a regular basis.

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