Here are the Various Health Benefits of Karela Juice


The taste of karela juice may be bitter, but many people do not mind it because they are aware of the many health benefits that consuming a glass of it can offer. Continue reading to know some of the most remarkable perks that can be enjoyed simply by regularly drinking this healthy beverage.

But before we take a look at those, let us first devote out time to getting to know the vegetable from which it comes.

Karela is widely grown in various parts of Asia as well as other regions of the planet where the climate is tropical to sub-tropical. In other areas, karela is known as bitter gourd — obviously, it got its name from the fact that it possesses a really bitter taste. Much of the bitterness is concentrated on the skin, but peeling karela is not really a good idea because majority of its nutrients can be found on the skin. You don’t want to waste any of those!

Extracting the juice of karela is best done with the help of a juicer, and it is a good idea for you to invest in a high quality piece of kitchen equipment if you are planning on optimizing your health with the aid of the juice of karela and other vegetables out there.

So without any more ado, let’s check out some of the benefits that you can get from a glass of karela juice:

Controlled Blood Sugar

Are you a diabetic or at high risk of developing it? Then make it a habit to consume freshly-made karela juice on a regular basis. Doing this is scientifically-proven to help regulate the amounts of sugar that end up in the bloodstream at any given time. As a result, it can be easier for you to keep at bay the complications of high blood sugar.

Detoxified Body

The inclusion of karela in the diet on a regular basis is known to help in detoxifying the body because the bitter-tasting vegetable is capable of zapping toxins that can easily accumulate within. And that’s why it doesn’t really come as a surprise why consuming karela juice is also something that can help in purifying your body. Karela juice is especially beneficial for people who are trying to ditch smoking as it can facilitate elimination of toxins from cigarettes.

Enhanced Complexion

Because of the superb detoxifying properties of karela juice, drinking it can help in beautifying your skin. Your complexion can become radiant if poisonous substances in the body are effectively neutralized. There are also tons of antioxidants present in every serving of karela juice, and this can help in delaying the aging of your skin.

Lowered Cancer Risk

Speaking of antioxidants, these beneficial molecules found abundantly in karela juice are powerful enough to be able to prevent cancer from striking. But other than keeping the big C at bay, numerous studies in the past have also shown that karela juice is capable, too, of killing off cancer cells. So in a way, this healthy beverage with a bitter taste is akin to cancer-fighting drugs, although it does not yield all sorts of unfavorable side effects since it is all-natural.

Improved Digestion

Karela juice is packed with dietary fiber that is made easier to access by the body. It’s for this reason exactly why a glass of it can help in boosting the process of digestion. Also, regular intake of karela juice can help in keeping constipation from happening, especially when paired with you being physically active.

Reduced Asthma Symptoms

If you have asthma, then it’s a wonderful idea for you to enjoy a glass of karela juice regularly. According to scientists, it’s something that can help in relieving the symptoms of asthma as it helps open up the upper airways. Needless to say, karela juice is also very helpful for people who are suffering from acute bronchitis and cough — the juice is capable of loosening thick phlegm or mucus, thus allowing air to pass to and fro the lungs efficiently.

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