Did you know that the Royals and even movie stars prefer to use rosehip oil on their skin especially when there are wrinkles, blemishes, and even dryness. One reason behind this is that rosehip oil actually has endless benefits to your skin and because of it, it has been used since ancient times.

The rosehip oil is actually derived from Rosa aff. Rubiginosa. It comes from the fruit of the flower once it has flowered and the petals have fallen. This particular rose is found in Chile. This is not referred to as an essential oil due to its chemical structure.

So why exactly is rosehip oil became a popular ingredient for skin care? Well, here are a few reasons why.

Rejuvenates cell

One of the benefits of using rosehip oil on your skin is that it actually helps with rejuvenating your skin cells. This is because this oil contains antioxidants that are actually fighting off any free radicals that are damaging your skin. With regular use, rosehip oil can actually cause healthier cells to appear. When this happens, there will be less signs of aging appearing on your skin.

Prevents stretch marks

Another benefit that rosehip oil can provide you with is to actually prevent stretch marks from appearing. This is often used by those who are pregnant because the rosehip oil can actually heal the skin as it grows. This way, there is less scarring on the skin during your pregnancy.

Stops aging

Rosehip oil is actually good for preventing signs of aging from appearing at a rapid rate. Many skin care formulas are using rosehip oil as part of their list of ingredients because of its ability to repair, rejuvenate, and moisturize the skin. If you are seeing signs of aging appearing around the eyes and outh area, using rosehip oil on them can help make them disappear.

Treats scars

What else can you get out of using rosehip oil? How about making your scars disappear? What’s great about rosehip oil is that it is packed with nutrients that are nourishing your skin from within. With regular use, any scars or blemishes that are present on your skin will fade away.

Free from chemicals

Another reason why rosehip oil is useful in your skin care regimen is that it is free from chemicals. This means that there are no toxins being introduced to your skin which can protect you from any skin issues in the long run.

Boosts collagen

Rosehip oil is a known collagen stimulator which is important as you age. Since collagen is being reduced as we age, there is tendency for our skin to become loose. Fortunately, rosehip oil can help your body to produce more collagen in the process.