Fitness Full Body Chair Workout

Full Body Chair Workout

Firming up those loose muscles is important not only to burn those extra layers of fat but also to strengthen and tone them in the process. But with all the hours that you are putting in your work, finding time to actually go to the gym seems next to the impossible. The good news is that even when you are stuck in your chair doing endless reports, you can still spare at five to ten minutes of your time doing some full body workout.

Here are some exercises that you should do.


To work on those flabby arms and thighs, doing dips is a must. Sit on the edge of your chair with your feet flat on the floor and your legs at 90 degrees. Engage your core and glutes as you bend your elbows to 90 degrees to lower your butt towards the floor but not touching it. Hold this pose for a few seconds then push yourself back up. Repeat this 10 times to complete a set.

Sneaky buns and guns.

This workout is ideal for working on your triceps, glutes, and thighs. Scoot over the edge of your chair with your knees together and bent to 90 degrees and feet flat on the floor. Position your hands outside your hips with your elbows slightly bent. Squeeze your knees as well as your butt cheeks together as you push down on your hands. Slowly straigthen your elbows so that you will be sitting taller but make sure that you don’t lift yourself off your seat. Release your hold to go back to your first position and repeat 30 times.

Single leg squats.

Another chair workout that you should incorporate into your routine is the single leg squat. Stand behind your chair with your left hand holding on your backrest. Extend your right leg forward as you shift your weight to your left foot. Engage your core as you push your hips back while bending your left knee to lower yourself into a squat. Hold on to the backrest if you feel that you are becoming off balanced. Push yourself back up and repeat 10 times before switching sides. Do 10 reps again.

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Seated jacks.

Jumping jacks is one of the simplest but challenging workout that will get your heart rate up for an efficient fat burn but jumping up and down in the office is not going to cut it. Fortunately, seated jacks can illicit the same reaction but with less sweat. To do this workout, sit on the edge of your chair with your back straight, knees bent, and toes touching the floor lightly. Open your arms to the sides with your elbows bent. Open your legs quickly and lightly landing on your heels while extending your arms overhead. Go back to your starting position and repeat 30 times. Do it as fast as you can to get that extra burn.


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