Remedies Hyperglycemia Facts and Home Remedies

Hyperglycemia Facts and Home Remedies

Hyperglycemia, also called high blood sugar, is a condition that involves excessive amounts of sugar that circulates in the blood stream.


Hyperglycemia has a number of causes. According to Mayo Clinic, these include not using adequate insulin or oral diabetes medication, not injecting insulin properly or using expired insulin, not following the diabetes eating plan, being inactive, having an illness or infection, using medications like steroids, being injured, having surgery, and experiencing emotional stress like workplace challenges and family conflict.

As per the publication, stress and illness are triggers to hyperglycemia, since the hormones made to counter them can cause increase in the blood glucose. Thus, people who are not diagnosed with diabetes mellitus may still develop increased blood glucose during severe illness.

Signs and Symptoms

Hyperglycemia presents a number of signs and symptoms. According to Web MD, early signs include the following:

  • Headaches
  • headaches
  • increased thirst
  • frequent urination
  • trouble concentrating
  • blood sugar more than 180 mg/dl.
  • weight loss
  • weakness

Home Remedies

While medications like oral diabetic medications and insulin are usually part of the medical management for hyperglycemia and diabetes; however, the following are some home remedies that help manage the condition.

Garlic Capsule

Garlic helps manage hyperglycemia. According to Home Remedy Haven taking a garlic capsule a day helps regulate blood sugar levels, as well as promote circulation. The publication also mentioned taking L-glutamine and taurine everyday, since both also help decrease sugar cravings in the body. The latter two also promote insulin release, which reduces high blood sugar.


Fiber intake helps manage hyperglycemia. According to Home Remedies Guide, 55 grams of fiber is recommended in the diet. Sources include fruits and vegetables. In addition, as per the publication, fiber aids maintain regular bowel habits and prevent certain types of cancer.


Exercise is another remedy for high blood sugar or hyperglycemia. According to Diabetes Self Management, exercise reduces blood glucose levels by enhancing cellular sensitivity to insulin and ability to burn glucose for energy. However, if blood sugar is high prior to doing exercise, it may also go higher during exercise, as per the publication. It is added that having a high blood sugar level during exercise implies that the person is working too hard, which also means that the body is under stress. Thus, the person needs to reduce the stress and adjust the level of the exercise gradually.

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Hyperglycemia is not as severe as cancer; however, it may lead to diabetes mellitus, if prolonged. Thus, it is vital to monitor one’s blood sugar levels and do necessary interventions to manage it and prevent the occurrence of diabetes and its complications.





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