Feed Your Kids With These to Make Them Grow Taller

No matter if your little one is dreaming of becoming a multi-awarded basketball player or jet-setting supermodel one day, you surely would want him or her to grow up healthy and tall. Well, you’re in luck because this article will reveal some of the foods that are scientifically-proven to help make your child impress with his or her height!

While it’s true that the height of a person is dictated by his or her genes, scientists say that nutrition can actually break that rule. According to experts, human beings of today are over 4 inches taller than those in the past, and they say that it can be due to improvements in nutrition over the years.

So in other words, it is very much possible for your child to reach his or her full height potential just by serving some of the most nutritious foods on the table regularly. But don’t just whip up vitamin- and mineral-dense foods — go for the following that are known by scientists to help children grow a lot taller:


There are a couple of reasons why milk can help your little one grow up really tall. First, it’s a great source of calcium which, as everybody knows, is superb for strengthening the bones. The growing bones of children need all the calcium they can get in order to make themselves strong and healthy.

Protein is also present in milk. While it’s true that protein is essential for building muscles, it is also actually necessitated by the bones of children so that they may grow and develop properly.


Including eggs in the everyday diet of kids also enables them to obtain all the calcium and protein their growing bones require, thus enabling them to reach their full height potential.

What’s so nice about eggs is they also make little ones feel very satisfied, thanks to the protein and healthy fats in them. As a result, it can become very easy to take sweets and other unhealthy treats away from the lives of kids, saving them from becoming obese — childhood obesity is one of the major concerns of doctors these days!


During breakfast and snack times, it’s a wonderful idea for you to serve a bowl of oatmeal in front of your child if you want him or her to grow up tall one day. That’s because protein is rich in minerals that help develop as well as strengthen the bones, and they are calcium, manganese and phosphorus.

According to nutrition experts, oatmeal is also something that can help strengthen your child’s immune system, courtesy of its iron, zinc and copper content.


Just like what’s mentioned several times earlier, protein is also important for bone health and development. And this is why you should also whip up tasty chicken dishes if you want your little one to be a tall person one day.

What’s so good about chicken is it’s also a great source of protein that is low in fat, especially the breast part without the skin. This only means that your child can have all the protein that his or her body requires without increasing his or her risk of becoming obese and developing heart disease.


One of the best non-animal food sources of calcium is spinach — yup, it’s the very same vegetable that gives Popeye an instant dose of superpower. While the regular inclusion of spinach in your little one’s diet won’t make him just as awesome as everybody’s favorite sailorman, it can definitely help make him or her grow tall.

Aside from spinach, there are many other vegetables that pack a lot of calcium. Some of the best ones include broccoli, kale and collard greens.


Last but not least, you should also throw some fruits into the everyday diet of your child. The more colorful your child’s meals are, the better the chances of him or her having a really impressive height in the future.

Fruits are wonderful sources of all sorts of vitamins and minerals that the developing bodies of children need. What’s more, these delectable treats from nature are also excellent boosters of the immune system, keeping a growing child from having a health issue that can interfere with his or her proper growth.

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