RemediesNatural Remedies for Lip Vitiligo

Natural Remedies for Lip Vitiligo

There are certain health conditions that won’t put your life in some form of danger. However, some of them can have devastating effects on your self-confidence and self-esteem. One very good example of those is lip vitiligo.

Having lip vitiligo can leave your lips with uneven pigmentation. That’s because some of the pigment-producing cells in them called melanocytes are no longer working properly.

No, lip vitiligo does not produce any symptom. It doesn’t cause pain or discomfort, it does not bring about numbness or tingling sensation, it does not leave the lips feeling itchy. Lip vitiligo simply leaves the lips looking different.

Lip vitiligo can affect the upper lip or the lower lip, or both of them at the same time. The good news is lip vitiligo is not a life-threatening or contagious problem, although it can definitely keep you from having a normal life.

Fortunately, there are many different remedies available for lip vitiligo that can restore proper coloration of the lips. Some of them are carried out by medical practitioners, while others can be done at home.

Two of the most commonly done procedures for dealing with lip vitiligo include surgical introduction of pigments to the lips and evening out the color of the lips with the use of laser. Unfortunately, there are risks involved.

For those who do not have the budget as well as the guts to undergo those procedures, there are all-natural alternatives to choose from. Some of the best of these lip vitiligo solutions include:

Coconut Oil

The regular application of coconut oil on white patches on the lips is said to be an effective home remedy for vitiligo. As a bonus, it also keeps the lips well-moisturized, keeping at bay problems related to excessive lip dryness.

When on the hunt for coconut oil, look for something that says “virgin” on the packaging. Virgin coconut oil does not contain unnecessary chemicals, so it’s very good at healing lip vitiligo and other cosmetic issues.

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Barberry Root

Those who are into natural healing know very well that barberry root is a common herbal remedy for various problems concerning the digestive system. It’s a popular traditional remedy for fever, too.

People who are suffering from lip vitiligo may also count on barberry root for restoring normal pigmentation of the lips. Often, it is used in combination with fennel seeds for the attainment of the best possible results.

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Black Cumin Seeds

When turned into oil, black cumin seeds can be regularly massaged on white patches on the lips brought about by lip vitiligo. In time, the coloration of the lips can be evened out with the help of black cumin seeds.

There are so many other uses for black cumin seeds. For instance, they are known as an effective remedy for jaundice. It is said that they are also commonly used for dealing with diarrhea and cough.

Psoralea Corylifolia

Sometimes referred to as bachi, psoralea corylifolia is a very popular Ayurvedic herb. It is also oftentimes used in traditional Chinese healing for a variety of health problems.

Individuals who are suffering from lip vitiligo may count on psoralea corylifolia to help them restore normal pigmentation of the lips. Available in tonic form, it is administered by mouth for healing from within.

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