Toothache Causes, Symptoms, Home Remedies

Toothache or dental pain refers to the pain in the teeth and the supporting structures. It is one of the greatest adversaries of both children and adults. Due to varying levels of pain, a person’s activities of daily living are affected.


Toothache has several causes. According to Web MD, these may include abscessed tooth, tooth decay, a damaged filling, tooth fracture, infected gums, and repetitive motions like grinding the teeth or chewing the gums.

Signs and Symptoms

Pain is the principal symptom of tooth ache. According to Orajel’s website, the type of pain may be in various forms. As per the publication, these include sharp, constant, or throbbing pain; tooth pain that takes place upon application of pressure; swelling and painful gums; bad taste in the mouth due to infection in a tooth.

Home Remedies

While pain medications are available, other natural agents are available as home remedies for toothache.

Salt Water

One remedy to manage toothache is salt water. According to Reader’s Digest, it cleanses the area around the mouth and it also draws out some of the fluid in the teeth and gums that causes swelling. To prepare, as per the publication, the person dissolves a teaspoon of salt in a cup of boiling water. This will clean the debris, which removes irritation and reduces swelling. This remedy can be done as frequent as needed.

Clove Oil

Clove oil is one of the known remedies for toothache. According to Arizona Family Dental, cloves are sources of the natural anesthetic called eugenol. This agent gives a numbing effect to the teeth and gums, reducing pain in the process. As per the publication, the person just has to drip a drop of two of the oil onto a cotton ball and then apply it to the painful tooth. While the numbing effect is a plus, it only has an acute duration, usually lasting for only a few minutes. Also, clove oil may worsen the pain when it touches other sensitive areas of the mouth.

Peppermint Oil

Another agent that helps reduce toothache is peppermint oil. According to Everyday Roots, it contains menthol, which is used in over the counter relief agents like sprays, rubs, creams, and gels. Menthol also contains ligand, a molecule that binds itself to a protein called k-opiod receptor or KOR, one of the four receptors that attach opiate-like compounds in the brain and regulate the effects of such compounds.

As per the publication, the person mixes ten to 15 drops of peppermint oil into two tablespoons of neutral oil, such as olive oil and grapeseed oil. It is vital to dilute the oil initially to prevent irritation. Next, a cotton ball is soaked in the oil and is packed around the sore tooth. As an option, a cotton swab can also be soaked and it is swabbed to the gum that surrounds the sore tooth. The remedy can also be done as often as needed.

Salt and Pepper

Salt and pepper are not just tasting agents; they can also be utilized for toothache. According to Top 10 Home Remedies, both have anti-bacterial, analgesic, and anti-inflammatory properties. As per the publication, equal amounts of salt and pepper are mixed with a few drops of water until the mixture is paste-like. Then, the paste is applied directly on the affected tooth and it is allowed to stay for a few minutes. The remedy can be done for seven days.

Toothache is different from diabetes, tuberculosis, and cancer; however, it brings a certain kind of pain that greatly affects the comfort level of the person, which can adversely impact his activities of daily living. Thus, it is important to seek medical consult from a dentist for proper assessment, planning, intervention, health education, and evaluation.




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