What Happens When You Over Exercise?

There is no doubt that exercise is beneficial to one’s health but too much of it can actually have a negative impact to your body. Excessive exercising basically means training more than is necessary where your body doesn’t have enough time to rest and heal after an intense day of workout. Of course, this varies depending on one’s physical condition but it won’t be too surprising when you feel the effects of too much exercise.

So what are the best indicators that you have exercised too much? Here are some tell-tale signs that you should watch out for.

You lost your desire to exercise. For gym buffs, you know your body is always looking forward to exercising but if you wake up one day and you’re not that too eager to head to the gym, chances are you have overexerted yourself. Remember that your body needs time to recover in between workouts so you need to pay attention to what it is saying.

Changes in your hormone. Another downside to excessive exercise is changes in your hormone production. Those who do cardio training often secrete excessive amounts of cortisol which can cause stress as well as weight gain. What’s more, your appetite will be affected when you exercise too much. Although some might see this as a positive side your body actually needs calories in order to have energy. When you’re not eating properly, it will affect your body’s ability to recuperate quickly plus it will enter a catabolic state where in your muscles are being eaten up to give you energy.

Your heart is constantly racing. Professional athletes always keep an eye on their resting heart rate to ensure that they are not putting too much strain on it. Even if you are just an average Joe, keeping an eye on your ticker is important because when it’s racing like mad and you still keep on working out, there is a high chance that it might give causing a stroke or heart attack both of which are quite dangerous. When your heart is racing, it is better to rest up for the meantime.

There are changes in your musculoskeletal system. Your muscles and bones undergo changes when you exercise too much. Normally, your muscles suffer from micro tears when you exercise which then repair themselves during your rest period. However, if you exercise more than is necessary, it will be more difficult for your muscles and bones to heal themselves properly. Exercising with tired muscles can increase your risk of suffering from injuries which can actually cause a set-back in your training when it does occur.

Professional athletes have already conditioned their bodies to the point that they can do two workouts per day without suffering from negative effects. On the other hand, those who are just starting should ease into their training until their body gets accustomed to the stress. This way, their muscles and bones will be able to adapt properly so they will become stronger.

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