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6 Easy Detox Tips to Cleanse the Body

Every now and then we need to jump start our body for our organs to be able to function at 100%. Given the constant bombardment of unhealthy food choices as well as alcohol, and smoking plus stress at work and at home, all these can take a toll on our health. Fortunately, going on a detox doesn’t have to be a stressful experience for you because there are a lot of ways in which you can cleanse your body easily.

Here are six tips that you should take into consideration when you plan on going on detox mode.

Sweat it out. Everyone knows that exercise should be part of our daily routine as it allows our body to stay in shape while burning those excess fats that we carry. But did you know that working out is also great for detoxifying your body? The toxins in our body can be eliminated through our sweat whenever we workout which is why you need to make it part of your daily routine to prevent toxic buildup in your body.

Begin your day with water. Most of us drink coffee first thing in the morning but if your aim is to start detoxifying your body, start your day with a tall glass of water and half of lemon juice. This helps promote digestion and better bowel movement so your body can eliminate unwanted toxins in the body. Drinking this solution can also help rehydrate your system as well.

Go organic. A healthy diet can do wonders to your health but when it comes to your food choices, always go for organic as they are less exposed to chemicals. Go for more fruits and vegetables with a helping of lean meat for protein, and whole grains for carbohydrates. Just make sure that you eat dark, leafy greens as they are packed with various vitamins and minerals that can help eliminate free radicals and toxins in your body.

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Have more fiber in your system. Those who are trying to lose weight are often encouraged to have more fiber in their diet to eliminate excess fats but there is more to this than just losing weight. As a matter of fact, eating more fiber can cleanse your system of any toxic buildup so your organs will function better.

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Exfoliate. Another way to detox your body is through exfoliation. Massaging oil and scrubbing your skin can help remove any dirt and bacteria build up while promoting better blood circulation for faster elimination of toxins.

Yoga can help. Aside from hitting the gym to lift weights, you can also do yoga to help release the toxins from your body while achieving a calm, state of mind. Yoga pushes your muscles and bones into different poses that can boost blood circulation and improve one’s flexibility. And because you will be focusing on deep breathing, your mind can also go into a relaxed state to ease the stress away from it.








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