Three Simple Recipes for Making Cleaning Sprays for Fruits and Vegetables

According to experts, it’s still important for you to thoroughly wash fruits and vegetables even if they’re organic. That’s because it is very much possible for them to still have traces of pesticides and fertilizers due to handling.

But because of our very busy everyday lives, oftentimes we fail to thoroughly rinse our fruits and vegetables with water. As a result, we may be introducing unwanted chemicals into our bodies.

Especially if you are into the regular consumption of fruits and vegetables, you may get your hands on a bottle of fruit and vegetable cleaning spray that you can find at most supermarkets and also on the internet.

You can shell out money such product on a regular basis for as long as you want to stick to a healthy eating habit, or you may just make a fruit and vegetable cleaning spray with your own hands using very common ingredients.

A DIY fruit and vegetable cleaning spray is cheaper than a commercially-available counterpart. Also, you can be sure that it’s something that contains absolutely no unnecessary chemicals.

With the use of a fruit and vegetable cleaning spray that’s made from scratch, you can be certain that any fresh produce you want to add to your diet is free of anything that you don’t want to consume.

Actually, you can make three different types of homemade fruit and vegetable cleaning sprays, each one of them made up of different ingredients, all of which are likely to be in your kitchen this instant.

But also, you should have a spray bottle, something large enough to accommodate about 500 ml of fluid. You can reuse an empty spray bottle, but of course you will need to clean it very well.

Your choice of DIY fruit and vegetable cleaning spray will depend on your personal preference. But do take note that each fruit and vegetable spray that you can make at home consists of no more than two ingredients only!

So if you want to start cleaning your fruits and vegetables with a spray made from scratch, continue reading. Below are the recipes for three different homemade fruit and vegetable cleaning sprays:

Recipe #1


2 cups of distilled water 

2 tablespoons of lemon or lime juice


-In a 500-ml spray bottle, combine distilled water and lemon or lime juice. 

-Put the spray nozzle on and shake very well to combine the ingredients.

Recipe #2


2 cups of distilled water 

1 tablespoon of baking soda


-Place distilled water in a 500-ml spray bottle, followed by baking soda. 

-After placing the spray nozzle, shake vigorously to dissolve baking soda.

Recipe #3


1 cup of distilled water 

1 cup of white vinegar


-Place distilled water and white vinegar in a 500-ml spray bottle. 

-Shake the spray bottle vigorously after putting on the spray nozzle.

To use your choice of homemade fruit and vegetable cleaning spray, simply spray liberally on any fruit or vegetable you are about to consume. Allow the solution to stay in place for 2 to 3 minutes. Afterwards, rinse the fruit or vegetable under running water.

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