Foods That Can Damage Your Smile

It’s not enough that you brush your pearly whites twice a day, floss at least once daily and pay your trusted dentist a visit once every six months — minding what you literally sink your teeth into is also very important.

This article will talk about some of the foods that can definitely cause damage to your smile.

So if you know very well that your smile can brighten someone else’s day, keep on reading. Dodge the following if you want to keep your chompers out of harm’s way.

Hard Candies

There are a couple of reasons why hard candies can wreak havoc on your smile.

First, they are packed with sugar — especially if you fail to brush your teeth soon enough, it’s not unlikely for plaque to form which signifies the beginnings of a lot of smile-related problems. Second, popping hard candies in your mouth increases your risk of ending up with chipped or broken tooth.

Ice Chips

A lot of people find munching on some ice chips very satisfying. If you think that it’s actually good for your mouth because it’s just like gargling with water which is important for flushing out bacteria and bits of food, you’re wrong! Just like hard candies, ice chips can in fact cause your teeth to chip or end up broken.

If you’re longing for something to chew on when you’re bored or stressed, consider opting for gum that’s sugar-free — going for gum that contains baking soda is a great idea!

Crunchy Treats

Needless to say, you should be wary of having anything that’s as crunchy as ice chips.

Especially if you tend to chew like there’s no tomorrow, snacking on crunchy treats can put your pearly whites in grave danger. After all, most snacks that provide a satisfying crunch are loaded with starch. Since microbes love feasting on starch, it’s not unlikely for your smile to be placed in peril if you cannot say no to crunchy treats.

Citrus Fruits

Because they are loaded with vitamin C, citrus fruits are great for bolstering your immune system. They are also good for your gums — your gums need vitamin C to stay healthy.

Unfortunately, having too much citrus fruits can actually damage your smile in that they can wear away enamel, which is the outer protective covering of your chompers. Brushing right after having citrus fruits is a terrible idea as it can accelerate enamel’s erosion. Don’t turn your back on citrus fruits — just make sure that you have them in moderation.

Dried Fruits

It’s not just citrus fruits that you should enjoy moderately, but also those dried ones.

That’s because they tend to stick to the surface of your teeth long after you’re done eating them. Failure to brush your teeth afterwards paves the way for bacterial proliferation and plaque formation. Other than enjoying dried fruits in moderation, it’s also a good idea for you to rinse your mouth very well with water after eating them.


Everyone knows that soda is bad for the health and figure. Because it is packed with sugar, regular consumption of this fizzy beverage can actually harm your pearly whites, too.

However, there are a couple of other reasons why soda is a total smile wrecker. First, it’s highly acidic — it can considerably weaken the enamel of your tooth, which can then make your chompers more susceptible to chipping or developing cavities. Second, soda can leave your teeth severely discolored, thanks to its food coloring content.

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