Fitness Secrets from the Best Trainers

Fitness is very tricky. There are a lot of new regimens, diets, new fad workouts, tips, machines, treatments and so on that is said to help make you fitter. Trying all of them can be time consuming and honestly dangerous. To avoid getting into the hype of anything new when it comes to fitness. Who better to ask than the experts? We’ve asked the best trainers on their fitness secrets and why it works. Here are a few of them below.

It’s Not What You See in the Mirror

Never use your mirror as a basis to your fitness. Focus more on how you feel as you progress and not how the scale is. You can be losing a lot of weight, but aren’t getting fitter. This is often something trainers tell their clients. Using different treatments to help shed a few pounds won’t make you healthier. Even if the weighing scale doesn’t move, as long as you are seeing changes in your health. It is still a huge sign that you are improving. If you can walk a lot longer, can walk up the stairs without gasping for breathe and last longer in the thread mill. You are getting fitter.

Moderation Is Key

Never focus too much on fitness and exercise. Schedule as much needed rest and cheat day for yourself. Do not over exert yourself too much. Increase your volume of exercise as you progress and not in one go, decrease your portions sizes slowly and workout at max twice a day and rest at least 2 times a week. Over exerting and focusing on dieting can cause you to give up, have yo-yoing weight problems and so on. Too much of anything is bad for you.

Do What You Like

If you groan every time you are reminded that you need to go to the gym, then maybe working out in the gym isn’t for you. You need to find an exercise that you actually like and enjoy or you will end up quitting once you obtain your goal or even before it. Fitness is a long term deal. So, you need to find something that you want to do long term. Try out sports, hiking, dance classes, etc. Anything that spikes your interest is worth trying.

Food and Sleep

One thing that most fitness trainers will tell their clients that it is important to be a 100% when working out. Relying on energy drinks, coffee and going on an incredibly low calorie diet when trying to workout is never a good idea. This goes to sleep too. If you tend to only sleep 5 hours a day just so you could work out for 4 hours is not healthy.

It is incredibly important to become fit. This is not only so we could become leaner, but this is for our health. Not getting enough exercise is bad for our health and can lead to a lot of serious health complications. Though, too much exercise can also be dangerous to our health. Finding the right amount is good for us. We hope that these tips from fitness experts help you in some way to finding the right fitness regimen for you and your lifestyle






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