Benefits of Lollo Rosso You Should Know About

Lollo rosso is a variety of lettuce that is truly attention-grabbing because of the way it looks and also its impressive nutritional profile. When added to the diet on a regular basis, it’s something that allows you to enjoy a number of perks that range from lowered risk of infections to improved eyesight.

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What makes lollo rosso an appealing leafy vegetable is the fact that it’s a unique looking type of lettuce. It is rosette in form, and it also boasts of loose leaves that have fringed and crinkled borders. While the base of lollo rosso is pale green in color, its ends are eye-catching deep red — “rosso” is an Italian word for “red”.

Just like any other lettuce variety, lollo rosso can be added to the diet raw. It’s perfect for making sandwiches and as added ingredients to salads and even smoothies. Lollo rosso is also commonly added to soups and various meat dishes. So in other words, it’s one leafy vegetable that’s so versatile!

But it’s not just the looks and versatility of lollo rosso that can impress. Experts say that it’s something that is capable of offering a number of health perks. Some of the most amazing ones include:

It Helps Prevent Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Anemia comes in different forms, and the most common of them all is iron-deficiency anemia. Such can be prevented or at times even reversed simply by adding more iron-containing foods in the diet on a regular basis. Since lollo rosso is an excellent source of iron, consuming it often can help keep such type of anemia from striking.

It Keeps Your Vision Sharp

There is vitamin A in every serving of lollo rosso. If you want to keep your peepers in tip-top shape, make sure that you add lollo rosso to your diet regularly. Eye experts say that vitamin A is an antioxidant that helps sharpen the vision. It also shields the eyes from free radicals, thus keeping at bay diseases such as cataracts and macular degeneration.

It Promotes Regular Bowel Movement

Since lollo rosso is a leafy vegetable, it comes loaded with fiber. An indigestible form of carbohydrate, fiber is essential for keeping constipation at bay. Doctors say that a diet that’s high in fiber may also help lower a person’s risk of colorectal cancer since it helps in the removal of cancer-causing toxins in the gut.

It Strengthens the Immune System

Lollo rosso is a wonderful source of vitamin C. And that is why the regular consumption of this appealing type of lettuce can help in having the immune system strengthened. As a result, your risk of catching the common cold and ending up with the flu can be considerably reduced, even while they are in season!

It Prevents or Reverses Iron-Deficiency Anemia

Another nutrient that is supplied by lollo rosso is iron. This mineral is important for the production of hemoglobin, a red-colored protein that can be found in red blood cells or RBCs, making these components of the blood able to transport oxygen very well. With insufficient iron obtained via the diet, you may end up with iron-deficiency anemia.

It Lowers Risk of Birth Defects

Pregnant women, most especially those who are in the early stages of pregnancy, should load up on lollo rosso, doctors say. That’s because this leafy vegetable is a rich source of folate, a B vitamin that helps lower risk of neural tube defects in fetuses. Some studies say that folate may also keep a miscarriage at bay.

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