Things You Can Do to Keep Your Arteries From Hardening

One of the things that can increase your risk of high blood pressure and heart disease is the hardening of the arteries. Doctors have a fancy name for it — arteriosclerosis.

In this article, we will discuss some of the things that you may do to save your arteries from hardening.

But before we discuss those, let us first devote a little of our time to knowing why it’s definitely not a good idea for you to allow your arteries to harden.

Your arteries need to be soft and supple so that it may contract and expand as necessary in order to accommodate your oxygen-containing blood that’s coursing through them.

Unfortunately, the arteries do not remain that way for a lifetime — they can harden.

There are so many different things that can cause the arteries to harden, and some of them include the process of aging, poor eating habits, unhealthy lifestyle, cigarette smoking and stress.

And why is it not a good idea for the arteries to harden? Well, it can eventually cost you your life!

When the arteries harden, they are no longer able to contract and expend properly just like when they’re soft and supple. As a result, your blood pressure increases and your heart itself becomes overworked.

In addition, it can also increase your odds of forming a blood clot that can cause a heart attack or stroke!

Clearly, everyone who wants to keep their ticker in a great shape in order to live a long and happy life should keep their arteries from hardening.

Here are some of the things that you can do to save your arteries from becoming hardened:

Quit Smoking

Are you a smoker? If yes, then you should ditch your habit ASAP if you want to fend off hardening of the arteries.

Numerous studies have shown that toxins in cigarettes can alter the structure of the arteries, causing them to harden. But aside from arteriosclerosis, smoking can also cause so many other health problems.

Reduce Stress

If your everyday life is a toxic one, it’s a good idea for you to look for ways to minimize high levels of stress. Otherwise, your arteries may become hardened, which can lead to high blood pressure.

The higher your blood pressure gets, the more damaged your arteries become. It can be a vicious cycle!

Drop Excess Pounds

Another thing that you may do to save your arteries from ending up hardened is eliminate excess pounds.

However, refrain from taking weight loss pills and going on crash diets because they can only do more harm than good. The next tips can help you drop to your ideal weight.

Work Out

On a regular basis, walk, jog, swim, dance, ride a bicycle, do yoga — any form of exercise will do!

According to doctors, exercising on most days of the week allows your cardiovascular system to work efficiently, thus saving your arteries from hardening.

Eat Healthy

If you don’t want your arteries to end up hardened in the future, see to it that you go for healthy eating habits. Add more fruits and vegetables to your meals.

Also, stay away from foods that are loaded with refined sugar, sodium, saturated fat and cholesterol.

Drink Moderately

Refrain from consuming lots and lots of alcohol if you want to spare your arteries from hardening.

In moderation, alcohol actually offers some cardiovascular perks. If you’re a male, limit your alcohol intake to 2 servings a day. If you’re a female, stick to 1 serving of alcohol per day.

Try Herbs

So many different herbs are said to be very good at preventing the hardening of the arteries, in particular those that help to ward off high blood pressure and high cholesterol.

But just like when planning on taking any kind of herb, make sure that you first inform your doctor about it.

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