How to Reduce Creatinine Levels

Creatinine is a type of chemical waste product that appears whenever we use our muscles. Eating foods that contain protein can also produce this waste product but only in small amounts. Creatinine is usually delivered to the kidneys where they will be filtered through your urine. However, if your kidneys aren’t working, the amount of creatinine that is present in your build up can go up. If you are trying to bring your creatinine levels down, these tips may help.

Minimize protein intake

There are studies that show that those who are eating foods containing creatinine may have higher levels compared to those who don’t. If your diet consists mostly of dairy, or cooked red meat, chances are that your creatinine levels will be higher. A better option would be to introduce foods that consist mostly of greens because they can help with your creatinine levels.

Apple cider vinegar

Another solution that you can use to reduce your creatinine levels is apple cider vinegar. One reason behind this is that the acetic nature of this vinegar can help get rid of kidney stones. All that you have to do is to add a tablespoon of apple cider vinegar in a glass of warm water then mix it. Drink afterwards especially after a meal that contains high amounts of carbs.


Cinnamon sticks are actually useful when it comes to reducing your creatinine levels because it functions as a natural diuretic. You only need to add half to 1 teaspoon of cinnamon powder to any drink that you have and drink it. This should be done once a day to help keep your creatinine in check.

Consume more fiber

Another option that you should consider when it comes to reducing your creatinine levels is to eat more foods that are high in fiber. Fiber helps flush the toxins that are found in your body while keeping you full in the process. There are studies that showed that those who have more fiber have significantly lower creatinine levels than those who don’t.

Avoid intense workouts

Creatinine is produced when your muscles are constantly working so doing intense trainings can push the levels up. If you need to bring your creatinine levels down, it is a good idea to reduce the intensity or level of workout that you are doing to minimize the amount of wastes that your muscles are producing.

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