Healthy Picks Want to Maximize the Perks of Green Tea? Then...

Want to Maximize the Perks of Green Tea? Then DO NOT Do These Things

Green tea is good. Period.

However, a question mark may be more appropriately used as a lot of people are actually drinking green tea the wrong way. You could be one of them without knowing about it. If that’s the case, then you are not getting all of the benefits that green tea is known to offer because you are not consuming it correctly!

If you want to ensure that every cup of green tea that you brew can give you the full array of its many perks to offer, keep on reading this article. Below you will come across some of the things you should NOT do with regards to the regular consumption of this well-loved beverage.

Make sure that you repost this article afterwards especially if you have green tea-drinking family members and friends so that they may also ditch doing the following don’ts:

Drink It When You’re Hungry

There are a couple of reasons why having a cup of green tea is not a good idea when your stomach is grumbling.

First, it may give you heartburn. Especially if you are suffering from acid reflux or gastroesophageal reflux disease or GERD, drinking green tea on an empty stomach can trigger symptoms. That’s because green tea is acidic, and it’s something that can increase the amount of acid in your stomach that’s waiting for some food to digest.

Second, it may actually hamper proper digestion. What do you do the moment you experience hunger? You eat. According to the experts, the intake of green tea before having your meals can hamper the absorption of protein and a bunch of other nutrients in food.

Have It Right After a Meal

It’s because of the same reason that’s just stated above why you should also refrain from having green tea immediately after eating something.

What you need to do is allow at least half an hour to pass before you start brewing and enjoying a cup of green tea. This helps ensure that none of the nutrients in the food that you just consumed can be kept from being absorbed by the intestines. Wait for a while before you drink green tea to fend off malnutrition.

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Brew It for a Long, Long Time

If you think that allowing that green tea bag to steep in boiling water for so many minutes is a good thing, better think again. Experts in green tea consumption say that this is something that can actually destroy antioxidants and other vitamins and minerals found in green tea. What’s more, a long steeping time can ruin its taste and aroma.

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Quit brewing as soon as the water turns into a lovely deep green color and the smell is just right. Brewing green tea excessively can keep you from enjoying its phenomenal flavor and superb health perks.

Consume It Extremely Hot

Drinking green tea while it’s still scorching hot will keep you from making the most out of this super healthy beverage. Such can only cause irritation of the soft tissues inside the mouth. Boiling hot green tea can also harm your throat, leaving it feeling sore and painful afterwards.

And did you know that the intake of very hot liquids as well as foods is considered as a risk factor for oral cancer? Let green tea cool for a while to save you your mouth from becoming injured and potentially developing cancer.

Besides, green tea is loved by many for its characteristic flavor, and consuming the said beverage very hot can keep you from savoring every sip of it that you take. Many other types of teas, especially herbal ones, come with subtle flavors that you may miss if you drink them blistering hot.

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