Tricks to Make Waxing Results Last Longer

There are a lot of things we want to change about getting waxed, but the results are usually worth it and can make you keep coming back for more. One of those things is the pain, but some people have noted to experience less pain over time. However, one of the biggest problems is the frequency of waxing. Doing it every few weeks is pricey and time consuming. Well, thankfully there are different tricks you can use to make the results last longer. We’ve asked waxing and skin experts for their tips to making results last longer and here are what they had to say.

Be Patient

Don’t wax your hair when it is still too short or there are still patches that haven’t grown yet. Wait until it is 1/8 to ¼ inch long. This is the ideal length for waxing. This length also reduces the chance for the hair to break during waxing. The hair is much able to get hold on the wax getting a deeper wax. Hair that is too short will most likely not get waxed or break, causing you to wax a lot sooner. Waiting until your hair is even in all areas can also guarantee that your result will grow a lot slower and even. Since the hair growth cycle is different some hairs will be in its falling stage or growing stage. Waiting for most of the hair to be on its growing stage before waxing can prevent some areas to have hair in just a few days. Make use of these rules every time you make in your appointment. In time your hair will grow at the same cycle, reducing waxing frequency.

Go to A Professional

Doing your wax at home is great and can save you money, but it you want a longer lasting result go to a professional. A professional waxer will know about your skin type, have all the materials for waxing, can get into the nook and crannies, get the right waxing direction and know the most efficient way to remove hair. Using the right material or type of wax can give you a better wax. Some people may require cold wax and some hot. Professionals can also help make you go more regularly than waxing at home. Just make sure that the waxing place you go to is licensed and clean.

Keep It Healthy and Hydrated

Keeping your skin healthy and hydrated before and after your wax can help make wax results last a lot longer. Dry skin can cause the hair to break more easily and the wax to not stick. Cracked, and flaky skin also makes your hair more prone to breaking. Drink plenty of water and use lotion regularly. You can also keep it smooth by exfoliating. Before you schedule your appointment exfoliate your skin at least a day before. This can help the wax to adhere to the skin and pulling it from the root. In Between your waxing session exfoliate regularly. You can use a pumice stone, exfoliating scrubs or sea salts. Great skin care is one of the best things you can do to make the results last longer.

Personal Impact

Hair growth is affected by different factors such as age, hormones, genetics and sex. This can play a role in how your hair growth will be some people who have coarser hair will tend to take more effort and frequencies when waxing since hair tends to be more visible. Some people have hormone problems that can affect their hair growth. You also need to understand your regrowth cycle. Some hairs will not grow in sync with the rest of your hair. So, some hairs will be visible while others are still in their growing stage.

Season and Weather

One thing that can affect your hair growth without you knowing is the weather or season. The hotter it is the faster your re-growth is. So, the frequency of your waxing will increase during warm weather. The opposite goes in cold weather or during winter. The hair will tend to grow slower and even thinner. You can help make your results longer by staying in cold areas or at least prevent direct heat on the areas you wax.


The great thing about long term waxing is the results over time. The more regular your sessions are, the less need for you to wax. Waxing regularly can affect the hair growth cycle and cause the hair to grow sparse and weaker, which means that you can go longer without waxing. Shaving does not have the same effect though, so waxing religiously is a huge factor. Avoid shaving in between appointments and follow these tips above to help give you longer results. However, you have to consider other factors such as an underlying illness, the weather, hormones, genes and the growth cycle. All of these things can affect your results.










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