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Easy Ways to Burn More Calories When You Exercise

If you are planning on working out, don’t be lazy and call it a day because you feel like you are not making any headway with your exercise. Keep in mind that in order to achieve your goals, you will have to start somewhere. But for those who have hit a plateau in their workout, the good news is that there are other ways for you to burn more calories whenever you exercise. Here are a few that you can try out.

Make sure that your body is fueled correctly

See to it that you are not exercising on an empty or overly full stomach. One reason behind this is that you may either feel lightheaded because you are running on empty or you’ll feel sluggish. A better approach here would be to eat lightly and choose foods that can give you adequate energy for your exercise. Make sure that you are properly hydrated as well.

Keep those arms swinging

Do you want to burn an additional 15% more calories? Bend your elbows to 90 degrees and swing them as you walk or when you run. You will know that you are pumping your arms correctly when you are doing an arc starting from your waist to your shoulder without crossing your arms in front of you as you move.

Plan your routine

There is no such thing as winging it when it comes to your workout which is why it is important that you have an idea on what your exercises will be for the day. Not having a clear plan on what you are trying to accomplish for each workout session that you have can hinder your progress in terms of weight loss. If this is your first time to exercise, see to it that you write down all that you will do including the reps which you can follow for the day.

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Use your headphones

If you find your energy waning even before your workout is finished, then play some music that you can workout to. Hearing your favorite tunes can make you perform better and eventually burn more calories as well. One study from West London’s Brunei University showed that music can stop fatigue and actually improve your vigor. And because you are able to synchronize your movements with the music, you will not even notice that you are getting tired even.

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Know your intentions

Before you even start your workout session, make sure that you know what your intentions are for the day. Think about what you are trying to achieve here. Do you want to relieve your stress? Or just want to sweat your excess fats off? Knowing what your goals here are, the better it will be to focus on it as you complete each workout routine.

Add more weight

If you want to burn more calories every time you exercise, then you will need to increase the weight that you are lifting. Heavier weights can actually make your muscles work doubly hard which means that there will be more fats getting burned in the process. Start small then work your way up without endangering yourself. Make sure that you do not compromise your form with every lift just because you want to speed up your weight loss. Injuring yourself can set you back.

These are just a few tips on how you will be able to burn more calories every time you work out. Keep in mind that everything takes time so don’t be rushing yourself to finish your goals. Slow and steady pace will get you the best results.

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