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Home Remedies for Strong Smelling Urine

We all know the characteristic smell of pee. However, its odor is usually weak enough to not cause any form of repulsion from you or anyone else. However, it’s an entirely different story if the smell of your urine makes you want to scramble out of the toilet, or apologize in advance to the person who’s next in line.

The smell of your urine can be used as an indicator of your overall health. Needless to say, pee that smells stronger than usual is a sign that something is not right. Especially if your pee has a strange color, is less than normal in amount, and there’s a burning sensation as you urinate, then there is definitely an ongoing problem.

More often than not, having strong smelling urine is due to dehydration. It’s also most likely to be caused by a urinary tract infection or UTI. Either way, there are a handful of home remedies that you may try if the culprit behind that strong smelling urine of yours is either of the two.

Here are some of the steps that you may take if you are not happy with the way your pee smells:

Drink More Water

On a daily basis, it’s a good idea for everyone to consume about 2 liters of water as staying hydrated is vital for optimum health. If you fail to drink enough water, it’s not unlikely for your pee to become concentrated, causing it to be dark in color and also smell very strongly.

Have Cranberry Juice

Consuming cranberry juice is recommended if the reason for having strong-smelling urine is a UTI. Cranberry juice helps you bounce back from a UTI so much faster as it prevents bacteria from adhering to the walls of the urinary bladder, urethra and other parts of your urinary system.

Take Citrus Juice

You may also regularly glug down orange juice, lemon juice or anything else that citrusy. That’s because it will create an acidic environment in your urinary system, which is something that repels bacteria. With those infection-causing microbes out of your body, then your UTI can resolve on its own.

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Or Have Cucumber Juice

Not a fan of citrus juices because of their acidic taste? Fret not because you may simply opt for cucumber juice which is also great for combating strong smelling urine. Cucumber juice helps your body fight off a UTI, and it also has diuretic properties that can cause your pee to become diluted and less smelly.

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Eat Watermelon

Just like cucumber juice, watermelon also possesses diuretic properties, which means that it can help make your urine smell lees repulsive. Watermelon is also about 92% water, so it can help address one of the common causes of malodorous urine, which is dehydration.

Limit Cruciferous Veggies

Cruciferous vegetables such as broccoli, cabbage, kale, cauliflower, bok choi, asparagus and Brussels sprouts can make your pee smell very strong, and that’s why limiting their consumption can help a lot. However, do not steer clear from these veggies completely as they’re really very good for your overall health.

JUST A FEW WORDS OF CAUTION: If your urine smells nauseating for days, it’s a good idea for you to visit your doctor. This is especially true if your pee also comes in a strange color, plus you are experiencing a bunch of unusual symptoms, too. Having the underlying medical condition identified and treated can help prevent complications.

It can be embarrassing to talk about the smell of one’s urine. To let your family members and friends know how to deal with strong smelling urine without having to inform anyone about it, kindly share this article on social media.

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