Health Benefits of Snorkeling

Snorkeling is a fun and exciting way to witness the beauty of the underwater scene without the steep cost that comes with scuba diving. You only need to put on your snorkeling mask and a pair of flippers, plus you may actually choose to wear a life vest as you snorkel, for your utmost peace of mind.

Aside from making your tropical vacations even more rewarding and memorable, did you know that snorkeling also gives you a wonderful workout? Oh, and it’s not only good for your body, but also your mind. Continue reading to know some of the perks that come with snorkeling!

  • Strengthened respiratory system. Breathing through the tube or barrel involves some resistance, and this works out your diaphragm and chest muscles. As a result, your respiratory system becomes stronger and more efficient, which saves you from easily ending up winded when doing challenging physical activities.
  • Improved cardiovascular health. It’s not just your respiratory system that can benefit from snorkeling, but your cardiovascular system as well. Giving your heart a workout on a regular basis is crucial for keeping your blood pressure and cholesterol levels normal, which may help keep deadly heart disease at bay.
  • Toned muscles. All the movements your arms and legs have to do as you explore the beauty of the sea without straying far from the surface helps tone the muscles. What’s so nice about snorkeling is it’s something that’s low-impact — it targets your muscles without putting your joints in some form of danger.
  • Eliminated excess calories. It’s no secret that taking a grand vacation can make you gain a few extra pounds — all those foods that are outside your of hometown are simply irresistible! Snorkeling is a great way to ensure that those unwanted calories are all burned, saving you from going home with a larger waistline.
  • Lifted mood. There are various reasons why snorkeling helps lift your mood. First, it’s a great form of exercise, which means that it floods your brain with happy hormones. Second, it lets you get enough vitamin D from the sun, which is a mood-boosting nutrient. Lastly, snorkeling lets you see how truly lovely the planet is!
  • Decreased fear of water. Just like what’s mentioned earlier, it’s very much possible for snorkeling to be performed while wearing a life vest. If you fear water, snorkeling regularly can help in getting rid of it. You are immersing yourself into what you fear, which is water, without actually staying far away from the surface.

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