Reasons for You to Try Drinking Celery Seed Tea

Are you into herbal teas because you greatly believe in the many health benefits they have to offer? Then keep on reading this article as it will get you introduced to celery seed tea, another herbal beverage that you may take regularly.

Everyone knows that celery is a vegetable that is commonly used for garnishing. Not too many people are aware that it’s also something that’s being used by traditional healers as a medicinal plant for so many years now.

Various aerial parts of the celery plant like the leaves and stalks can be used for healing and therapeutic purposes, and they’re also the ones commonly used for garnishing and consumption as vegetables.

The seeds, too, can be employed for dealing with an assortment of health problems, and they are commonly turned into tea. These days, you may easily come across celery seed tea at health foods stores online and offline.

No, you cannot whip up a cup of herbal tea from celery seeds being sold in packets at the nearest gardening supply store because those are treated with chemicals such as pesticides, which are obviously bad for you.

The ones perfect for turning into tea are those that a health food or herbal store is carrying. You may get your hands on ground celery seeds. If they are whole, you can simply have them pulverized in your kitchen.

Allowing 1 teaspoon of ground celery seeds to steep in a cup of boiling water for 10 to 20 minutes is all that you need to do if you want to enjoy a cup of celery seed tea and also enjoy the many health perks that it offers.

What are those benefits? The following are just some of them:

Reduced Kidney Stones

If you are prone to developing kidney stones, you may count on celery seed tea to keep them from forming, or even shrink currently existing ones. This herbal tea works because it has diuretic properties.

Alleviated UTI

Since it has diuretic properties, celery seed tea is a very popular home remedy for a urinary tract infection or UTI — the increased urination it promotes helps flush out bacteria trapped within your excretory system.

Eliminated Water Weight

Some women actually take celery seed tea to maintain their svelte figure. That’s because it helps get rid of excess fluid in the body. Do take note that this herbal drink only eliminates water weight, not actual kilos or pounds.

Purified Blood

The ability of celery seed tea to encourage urine production is what makes it very good at detoxifying the body. With the help of the kidneys, impurities and poisonous substances in the bloodstream can be filtered out.

Lowered Blood Pressure

Consuming celery seed tea is also known to help in keeping high blood pressure at bay. But if you are already taking blood pressure lowering drugs, refrain from taking any celery seed tea.

Wards Off Cancer

Scientists say that a certain chemical (okay, it’s called lutein) in celery seed tea exhibits the ability to fight off colon cancer. And that is why regularly drinking this herbal beverage may help reduce the risk of your colon having cancer.

Alleviates Joint Pain

Every cup of celery seed tea is teeming with anti-inflammatory compounds, and that is why it can be very beneficial for individuals who are suffering from osteoarthritis, gout and others that can cause joint pain and swelling.

WARNING: Since celery seed tea is one potent herbal drink, it’s a good idea for you to first tell your doctor about your plan on taking it for therapeutic purposes.

This is especially true if you are pregnant or breastfeeding. Do the same if you are diagnosed with a medical condition, most especially if you are also taking drugs for it that are prescribed by your doctor.

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