Why You Should Walk 10,000 Steps a Day

Digital pedometers are flying off the shelves lately, from cell phones, to fitness trackers, to smartwatches, as more and more people are starting to pay more attention to their health. This is not surprising especially when it is believed that doing 10,000 steps can help you lose weight. That said, many are obsessed to achieving this number on a daily basis because doing 10k steps is actually equal to doing 5 half hour workouts per week. How cool is that?

You should know that doing physical activities on a daily basis can help reduce your risk from various health conditions such as stroke, heart problems, digestive problems, and depression even. The more active you become, the better it will be for you to protect yourself against health problems. You’re probably wondering what benefits you can get when you do 10,000 steps per day. Well, here are a few that are worth mentioning.

Less body fat stored

Calories that are consumed by those who are actively getting 10,000 steps don’t really get stored in the body, unlike those who are living sedentary lives. This is because the calories are immediately used as fuel for the body. In the case of those who are not physically active, the calories that they eat simply add to the fats in their body, hence they tend to gain weight when they binge eat during the holidays.

Boosts mood and reduce stress

Another benefit to walking constantly is that it helps improve your overall mood. This is because your heart is pumping regularly which mean that more oxygen is circulating. When this happens, your organs will function properly, including the production of hormones that make you feel good overall. And just like it was mentioned before, walking can also reduce your stress levels. The next time you are feeling stressed out or out of sorts, take a break and walk around. You’ll find that you’ll feel ready to go back to your task afterwards because of it.

Combats stiffness in the joints

Another benefit to walking 10,000 steps is that it helps prevent joint stiffness which is common in those who are simply sitting all day long. Since you are consistently moving, you’ll be able to keep your joints well lubricated which can protect you against joint pain when you age. When you are physically active, you are also helping boost your flexibility and correct your posture even.

Enhance brain function

What else can walking 10,000 steps do for you? Another benefit that is linked to this physical activity is that you can learn new things easily. This is because new brain cells form easily which means that you can slow down cognitive decline. Doing aerobic workouts, just like walking, has been found to contribute new brain cells growing in the brain’s hippocampus, which is where memory and emotion are being regulated.

Adds more energy

Another reason why you should strive for getting 10,000 steps per day is that it helps you build more energy too. Aside from reducing your fatigue levels after the day, it also means that you are helping yourself become more productive at work because you are wide awake throughout the day.

Strengthens your heart

If you are still wondering what other benefits you can get from walking regularly, it also helps your heart to become stronger. Those who have managed to reach 10k steps are helping their heart to have more stroke volume which is better compared to those who are doing a thousand steps only per day. This way, you are reducing your risk of heart problems too in the long run.

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