Healthy PicksGac: Get Acquainted With This Southeast Asian Fruit

Gac: Get Acquainted With This Southeast Asian Fruit

There is a fruit that’s native to Southeast Asia and has a strange name and appearance —it’s called gac. If its moniker piques your curiosity, then continue reading. This article will get you acquainted with it as well as the many health benefits it offers — there are lots and lots of them!

Gac comes from a tropical vine having the same name. This fruit that is about the size of a cantaloupe is hard to miss, thanks to its bright-red coloration and the presence of tiny spines all around it. Because of its appearance, gac is sometimes referred to as baby jackfruit or spiny bitter gourd.

Inside, this tropical fruit has a yellow-colored flesh, and in the heart of which lies so many red pulpy seeds. The taste of gac is very mild and pleasing, and it kind of has a delicate avocado flavor.

What’s so interesting is gac season is very short lived — it lasts for about a couple of months only. During gac season, there are festivities held that incorporate this fruit. They are consumed as well as used for medicinal purposes — yes, it’s not only nutritious but also has the ability to heal.

Now that you are more familiar with gac, it’s now time for us to check out its health benefits:

It May Lower Cancer Risk

Gac has tons of antioxidants that are capable of managing oxidative stress, something that is often linked to cancer. There is also a type of protein in this Southeast Asian fruit which, according to scientist, is capable of stopping cancerous cells from multiplying and spreading to neighboring tissues and organs.

It May Also Lower Risk of Heart Disease

Just like so many other healthy fruits out there, gac is known to help lower bad cholesterol levels due to the fact that it is completely devoid of cholesterol, and also it has fiber that sweeps cholesterol out of the body. By keeping your bad cholesterol levels low, your risk of having heart disease can be considerably reduced.

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It Keeps Your Eyes Healthy

The bright coloration of gac inside and outside is a clear sign that it is loaded with vitamin A, a nutrient so important for keeping the eyes in tip-top shape. Having healthy peepers can help prevent all sorts of eye diseases, many of which can lead to blurring of vision and even vision loss.

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It Helps Combat Mild Depression

Gac contains selenium and a few other nutrients that are known to help in regulating the mood. In other words, mild depression may be managed with the regular consumption of this eye-catching tropical fruit. But if your depression seems moderate to severe, it’s a good idea to seek the help of an expert.

It Strengthens One’s Immunity

There are also loads of vitamin C present in gac, and this is the reason why its inclusion in the diet can help strengthen the immune system and lower infection risk. By the way, vitamin C present abundantly in gac is also important for collagen synthesis, which means that snacking on it can help slow down the process of skin aging.

CAUTION: These days, you may easily come across vendors selling gac juices. If you want to take advantage of the many health benefits of gac but you cannot get your hands on fresh ones, make sure that you opt for gac juice that is 100 percent pure, devoid of any unnecessary ingredients or chemicals.

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