Consume This Easily Available Beverage to Ward Off Snacking Urges

It is said that the daily caloric intake of most Americans come from their daily munchies. Because of this, many are having a really difficult time attaining their weight loss goals. Fortunately, there is a very simple solution to keep at bay those snacking urges, and it involves sipping something that is very much likely to be in your pantry now.

A bag of potato chips, a slice of pizza, a tall glass of fruit-flavored slushy — if these and other calorie-laden treats are everyday staples, then it isn’t surprising why you constantly complain that the bathroom scale refuses to budge.

You can stay away from go-to goodies in between meals of the day by making believe that they do not exist. You can try doing this grueling feat or you can curb your snacking urges by making yourself a cup of something that is superb at keeping the nibbles at bay. So what is that heaven-sent drink for compulsive snackers? It’s black tea.

There are a couple of reasons why something as simple as sipping a cup of black tea can help curb your desire to snack, according to experts who conducted a study on the beverage:

  • The brew well-loved all over the planet is capable of keeping your blood sugar levels stable, courtesy of black tea’s impressive antioxidant content. You see, having spikes in the levels of sugar in the blood spells disaster to weight watchers — it is something that can make them crave for food, in particular fat- and sugar-laden ones, like there’s no tomorrow.
  • It also helps lower the levels of certain hormones in the body that tend to increase when you’re stressed. Everyone knows that it can be very hard to resist snacking urges most especially during stressful times — we can all blame it on those pesky stress hormones. Experts say that active compounds found in black tea are capable of zapping those hormones.

Experts who discovered the remarkable knack of black tea in driving away the munchies say that you should consume 3 half-cup servings of the very common and easily accessible beverage on a daily basis.

What’s more, they say that you should brew a black tea bag in hot water for about half an hour. This gives plenty of time for those antioxidants and other beneficial compounds to be extracted from the bag. Too busy to spend 30 minutes waiting for a cup of black tea to finish brewing each and every time? Worry not. You can make a serving in advance and simply stash it in the refrigerator — reheat the beverage in the microwave as needed or consume chilled.

To keep snacking urges at bay, all you need is a half-cup serving of black tea each time. There is really no need to swallow an appetite-suppressing pill in your mouth that contains questionable ingredients and yields unwanted side effects.

Other than saving you from sabotaging your weight loss goals by inhibiting your craving for some munchies, the intake of black tea also offers so many other perks. Some of the most impressive ones include:

  • It prevents tooth decay and gum disease. However, it’s a good idea to brush your teeth after your black tea time to save your pearly whites from ending up stained.
  • Numerous studies found that regular black tea drinkers had lower chances of suffering from osteoporosis and joint pain due to the loads of antioxidants present in the beverage.
  • Experts say that the regular consumption of black tea can help lower a person’s risk of suffering from deadly cancer, as well as heart disease, heart attack and stroke.
  • The beverage is also very good at lowering one’s risk of diabetes. It has something to do with the fact that black tea helps in stabilizing the levels of sugar in the blood.




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