Common Reasons for Excessive Sleepiness During the Day

Experts say that about 20 percent of the population complains of excessive daytime sleepiness. If only you can stay home all day long, that should not be a massive problem. Unfortunately, many of us have to spend most of our waking hours outside our respective abodes, which puts us and those who are around us in some form of danger if we feel sleepy while driving or operating machines. Besides, experts say that it’s also something that can have an impact on our health.

There are many different things that can be blamed for excessive daytime sleepiness, many of which are brought about by sleep-related issues. In this article, you will come across some of the most common reasons (aside from sleep-related concerns like sleep apnea) why you are feeling exceptionally heavy-eyed during the day.


Women who suffer from premenstrual syndrome or PMS know very well that there are so many different annoying symptoms that may show up before they get their period. One of the peskiest of the bunch is feeling sleepy all day long. Such can be blamed on a drop in melatonin, a hormone that promotes sleepiness at night. A reduction in melanin can cause insomnia, which is something that can leave a woman lethargic during the day during a bout of PMS.


A chronic type of disorder, fibromyalgia can cause body-wide muscle and joint pain. Some areas may be swollen, too. Because of the truly uncomfortable symptoms that it brings, it doesn’t come as a big surprise why someone who suffers from fibromyalgia fails to get 7 to 9 hours of rejuvenating sleep at night and feel really sleepy the following day. Another disorder similar to fibromyalgia that can also cause excessive daytime sleepiness is multiple sclerosis or MS.


There is a blood condition in which there’s insufficiency in oxygen-carrying red blood cells or RBCs, and it’s referred to as anemia. What does a problem with the blood have to do with unnecessary daytime sleepiness? Well, the heart of somebody who is suffering from anemia tends to beat faster than usual. Such can easily drain the person’s energy, leaving him or her lethargic throughout the day whether or not plenty of sleep was obtained the night before.


Your thyroid is a gland that is situated in your neck. It is tasked at controlling a number of bodily processes, and that includes the metabolism. Hypothyroidism is a condition in which the thyroid gland becomes underactive. This can cause your metabolism to slow down considerably, thus leaving you weak, tired and sleepy. In some cases lack of iodine from the diet is the one to blame for hypothyroidism, other times the immune system is the culprit.


Refrain from assuming that the only problem faced by people with clinical depression is excessive sadness. This form of mental illness can cause so many other issues, too, and one of them is insomnia. Definitely, being wide awake all night long can leave someone with depression feeling sleepy the next day. By the way, depression can also cause what’s referred to as hypersomnia, which is the complete opposite of insomnia.

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WARNING: If excessive daytime sleepiness is already affecting your everyday living in all kinds of negative ways, it’s a good idea for you to pay your doctor a visit. He or she can help identify if a medical condition is the one to blame — having it treated accordingly can help put the problem to an end. If necessary, your doctor many refer you to a sleep specialist, someone who is an expert when it comes to sleep-related matters.

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