5 Natural Ways to Make Muscle Pain Go Away

Muscle pain can happen from time to time. It might be because you strained yourself while lifting heavy weights at the gym, or you have pushed yourself too much during your runs. It may be that you have injured yourself or are coming down with a sickness. There are many factors that can contribute to muscle soreness and although there are muscle relaxants that you can buy over-the-counter, you can also look for natural alternatives to getting rid of muscle pain. Here are some remedies that you can start with.

DIY acupressure 

Muscle pain is quite common and can be triggered by muscles seizing up on us because of too much tension. Those knots that you are feeling on your muscles, they are the ones referred to as trigger points. The good news is that they can be treated by pressing on the trigger point with enough pressure that you will see a white mark from your finger left behind after holding it for 45 seconds. This can hurt at the start but it will ease afterwards once the energy or blood starts to flow. 


Another natural method to banish muscle pain is to load up on foods that are high in omega-3. This essential fatty acid is actually beneficial in several ways with one being alleviating muscle pain. Another reason why you should have this in your system is that it improves blood circulation in your body which prevents the muscles from cramping up. Fish, nuts, seeds, and vegetables contain this essential fatty acid so make sure that you load up on it. 

Soak in a bath 

One reason why our muscles contract is because we don’t have enough magnesium in our system. This is because our diet most of the time lacks this mineral hence we are at risk of cramps. Fortunately, you can reverse this problem by soaking in warm water with Epsom salt. The salt contains magnesium sulfate that your body can absorb as you soak in the tub. You should soak for 12 minutes or so for a few times in a week to help relax the muscles and improve your magnesium levels too. 


The idea of working out when you have muscle pain may sound counterintuitive but swimming won’t be bad to your body. This is because swimming in a pool reduces the pressure on your joints so you won’t have to worry about aggravating sore muscles. And because you are buoyant in water, you can swim laps without triggering more muscle pains but rather, you can make them disappear. 

Get a massage 

Another natural remedy to banish muscle pain is to get yourself a good massage. There are several topical gels that you can use to numb the nerve endings of the affected muscle while improving blood flow. You can use a Tiger balm on the affected muscles because the camphor and menthol ingredients will help soothe the pain away.

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