Natural Treatments for Cluster Headaches

Cluster headaches are characterized by intense pain either in or around your eye. These intense headaches are often mistaken for migraine but the difference here is that cluster headaches often has a pattern which can last for 6 to 12 weeks depending on the person. This type of headache can be intensely painful, but they tend to be rare and can be relieved with the help of various remedies, both conventional and alternative ones. Let’s see what natural treatments can be used to alleviate this issue.

Kudzu extract

This extract comes from a perennial vine that is found in Southeast Asia which has been used as an herbal treatment for diarrhea, fever, diabetes, and even cardiovascular disease. The presence of phytonutrients, as well as isoflavonoids have been found to provide relief for cluster headaches.


Like it was mentioned before, cluster headaches have a pattern of attack during the day. They normally happen at a specific sleep stage which can increase in intensity as changes in daylight occur especially during the spring and fall. This changes in daylight has prompted scientists to theorize that the hypothalamus may have a part to play in cluster headaches. One study showed that taking melatonin supplements have been found to be effective in alleviating cluster headaches on patients who tried conventional treatments already. Although more studies are required to determine the validity of this study, melatonin supplements may be helping patients deal with cluster headaches in the long run.


Exercising regularly can reduce one’s stress levels while increasing blood circulation which can help alleviate cluster headaches. When your cluster headaches are in remission, make sure that you schedule exercises into your day such as doing yoga, going out for a swim, or even taking a hike. You may be surprised to find that the effects of exercise go beyond toning and strengthening your muscles but also help keep cluster headaches at bay.

Change your diet

Drinking alcohol may cause cluster headaches to occur in some patients which is why you need to learn to avoid consuming them especially when you are experiencing intense headaches. Knowing what triggers your cluster headaches can help you avoid them especially when it comes to your diet. With regards to food triggers, stay away from processed foods such as hot dogs and luncheon meats to prevent your cluster headaches from happening or worsening even.

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