Surprising Remedies for Headaches

A terrible headache can often catch you by surprise. Well, this article will get you introduced to some of the most surprising remedies for a headache so that you may attain relief from it without having to swallow a painkilling medication and put up with the adverse side effects.

There are many different things that can cause a headache to strike. They range anywhere from stress, dehydration to hunger. No matter the root cause, there is an all-natural solution for a headache that you may give a try.

Read on to know some of the most surprising remedies for a headache. Afterwards, feel free to have this article shared on your various social media sites so that your family members and friends who are also being bugged by a headache regularly may attain much-needed relief with the help of one of the following:


In some instances, a headache can be blamed on the dilatation of the blood vessels around your skull. If such is the case, then having a cup of coffee is a good idea — caffeine can constrict those widened blood vessels. Drinking coffee is also recommended if your headache is brought about by caffeine withdrawal.


There are cases in which a nasty headache is brought about by dehydration. It tends to strike when the day is extremely hot or during or after an intense workout. This is why drinking a tall glass of water is oftentimes more than enough to make that headache of yours go away. If you believe that you are dehydrated due to profuse sweating, reach for a bottle of sports drinks instead to have your body supplied with both fluids and electrolytes.

A Snack

Did you know that hunger can cause your stomach to ache as well as your head? According to health authorities, a considerable drop in blood sugar can cause a pesky headache to come into being. So if it’s been hours since your last meal, perhaps it’s your low blood sugar levels to blame — reach for a snack that can replenish your sugar stores quickly for immediate relief from a headache.

Clove Buds

If you think that the strong taste of clove buds will only give you a terrible headache, think again — these popular culinary spices can actually save you from the clutches of a headache. Since clove buds have superb anti-inflammatory and analgesic properties, you can chew on a few pieces of them or allow them to steep in a cup of boiling water for a headache-relieving herbal beverage.

Ginger Tea

So many people know that brewing and drinking a cup of ginger tea is an excellent home remedy for an achy stomach due to indigestion or acid reflux. Did you know that you can also count on it each time that your head is aching? Thanks to the anti-inflammatory properties of ginger tea, it can help you attain much-needed relief from a terrible headache.


A lot of people try to steer clear of meditating whenever they have a headache thinking that it’s only going to make them focus on the headache even more. However, meditating can be extremely beneficial for you most especially if it’s apparent that your headache is due to stress. When done on a regular basis, meditation can help you respond to stress so much better and thus lowering your risk of encountering headaches and so many other stress-related issues.

WARNING: If your headache refuses to go away after trying some home remedies for it, seems to intensify or becomes accompanied by a bunch of unusual symptoms, it’s a good idea for you to step foot inside a doctor’s office without delay.

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