How to Detox From Your Soda Addiction in Just a Week

So you just decided to ditch your addiction to soda. Congratulations — it’s undeniably one of the smartest steps that you may take for the improvement of your overall health!

Quite frankly, it doesn’t really matter if it’s your addiction to regular soda or diet soda that you are planning to quit. That’s because experts say that these two are equally bad for you.

We all know that the loads of sugar in regular soda can cause all sorts of problems. These days, lots and lots of studies have revealed the ill effects of artificial sweeteners in diet soda to the body.

Now that you have chosen to finally lead a soda-free life, it’s of utmost importance for you to have your body detoxified from your soda addiction. There are a couple of reasons why this has to be done:

To curb your craving for soda

By detoxifying your body, you are getting rid of all the chemicals in your body that leave you craving for the fizzy beverage all the time.

To allow your body to bounce back

Soda contains lots of sugar or artificial sweeteners that can wreak havoc to your health. By removing them, the healing process can finally commence.

Unfortunately, detoxifying from your addiction to soda, be it regular or diet, takes more than just completely turning your back on soda — there are a bunch of other things that need to be carried out as well.

So without any more ado, here are the steps to take:

Keep Your Energy Levels Stable

One of the worst nightmares you will have to face during your quest to detox from soda addiction is having low levels of energy, especially if you have been depending on soda for the past few years to feel keyed up.

That’s because your body’s supply of caffeine is suddenly cut off the moment that you decide to quit guzzling down soda. Luckily, you can always rely on tea or coffee for a boost in energy.

Just see to it that you sweeten tea or coffee with stevia, honey or any other all-natural sweetener because using refined sugar or an artificial sweetener will only keep your body from being detoxified.

Maintain Normal Blood Sugar Levels

Another very common issue faced by those who wish to end their addiction to soda drinking is fluctuations in the levels of sugar in the bloodstream, which can greatly affect their energy, mood and even hunger.

Experts suggest for you to avoid skipping meals to help keep your blood sugar levels stable. Your diet should include plenty of fiber-rich foods that can help regulate blood sugar.

It’s a good idea for you to always keep some healthy snacks such as nuts, seeds and dried fruits within your easy reach so that you may have your blood sugar levels stabilized as needed.

Ward Off Hormone Fluctuations

Being hooked on soda can definitely put your hormone levels in shambles, and it’s something that can have all sorts of unfavorable effects. Your hormones can fluctuate, too, upon trying to end your soda addiction.

To help fend off fluctuations in your hormones, make sure that you consume plenty of fluids and also get your regular dose of exercise — at least 20 minutes a day and not less than 5 times a week.

You should also consume foods that are rich in hormone-balancing omega-3 fatty acids. Some wonderful examples are herring, trout, mackerel, almonds, cashews, Brazil nuts, sesame seeds, flax seeds and pumpkin seeds.

Keep Stress to a Minimum

Just like when ditching any other addicting substance, it very important for you to minimize your stress levels so that you may be able to maintain your journey to complete detoxification.

When kicking your dependence on soda, see to it that you minimize as many stressors as you can. Also, it’s a wonderful idea for you to partake in stress-busting activities, like having a massage or listening to music.

See to it that you get a good night’s sleep each time to help your body bounce back from stress, and also to help it recover so much faster from your soda addiction.

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