Traditional Chinese Remedies for Gum Disease

Gum disease is the inflammation of the gums. Although it is something that is highly treatable, allowing it to worsen can cause irreversible damage, especially when the bones that support the teeth are already affected. Regular brushing, flossing and trips to the dentist can help keep gum disease in check. There are also many different of traditional Chinese remedies known to be effective in preventing gum disease from striking.

If you are on the hunt for some traditional Chinese solutions for gum disease, continue reading as this article will get you acquainted with some of them. But always remember that it’s also a good idea for you to pay your dentist a visit if you believe that it is gum disease that you are suffering from in order to keep complications at bay.

Have a Healthy Eating Habit

Traditional Chinese healers believe that an unhealthy stomach can contribute to gum disease because it can cause a disruption in the proper flow of energy throughout the body. It is recommended that spicy foods and excessive alcohol should be avoided as it can dry up the stomach, affecting the health of the gums.

Opting for a healthy eating habit is also recommended by practitioners of Chinese medicine, in particular one that is rich in vitamin C which is a nutrient so important for keeping the gums in a strong and healthy state.

Reduce Stress Levels

Ever wonder why your tummy seems to hurt each time that you are feeling stressed? Well, that’s because there are many different parts of the body that can be affected by stress, and your stomach is one of them.

Just like what’s just mentioned above, an unhealthy stomach is blamed by traditional Chinese healers for the development of gum disease. This is why keeping your stress to a minimum can help in keeping your gums out of harm’s way. There are so many different ways to combat stress, and a very popular one from ancient China is acupuncture. So many people swear by the effectiveness of this age-old practice in dealing with high levels of stress!

Not comfy with the idea of small needles piercing your skin? Worry not as you may also rely on having a massage, which is another very good traditional Chinese remedy for stress.

Keep the Liver Strong

Everyone knows that the liver is the one that neutralizes poisons and detoxifies the body. If this particular organ ends up in a bad state, toxins can easily accumulate within the body and this can affect other vital organs, including the stomach which is linked by traditional Chinese healers to gum health.

There are many different Chinese herbs that are known to help keep the liver in a superb shape, and the best way to get yourself acquainted with them is by paying a traditional Chinese healer a visit. However, you may also try avoiding taking too much alcohol, processed foods and pharmaceutical drugs to keep your liver out of harm’s way.

Maintain a Healthy Spleen

Your spleen carries out several different very important roles, and one of them is the filtration of blood — your spleen is actually a member of your body’s immune system.

According to traditional Chinese healers, keeping the spleen in a good state is also important for the prevention of gum disease. Otherwise, all sorts of problems concerning the gums may be experienced. Some of those gum issues that can be linked directly to a poorly-functioning spleen include gum paleness and bleeding. It is also added that the tongue may appear swollen and have teeth marks on the sides if there is a problem with the spleen.

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