Should You Use a Tongue Scraper?

It’s not just your teeth that you should brush each time for superb oral health, but also your tongue.

Did you know that there’s a better tool for cleaning your tongue than your toothbrush? It’s referred to as a tongue scraper, and this article will get you introduced to it.

So keep on reading if you’re someone who likes to ensure that your mouth is clean and healthy. And also, after checking out this article have it reposted so that your family members and friends may also get acquainted with some of the most important matters about a tongue scraper.

What It Is

Just like what the name suggests, a tongue scraper is meant for removing debris from the surface of your tongue.

The surface of your tongue consists of taste buds and small bumps referred to as papillae. It’s due to this exactly why the surface of your tongue is very prone to collecting debris after some time.

Debris that tend to collect on the surface of the tongue consists of dead cells, food particles and bacteria that can cause all sorts of mouth-related problems like bad breath, cavities and gum disease. Needless to say, regular elimination of debris on the tongue’s surface is important.

Better Than a Toothbrush

Everyone knows that the best toothbrush for cleaning your teeth with is something that features soft bristles in order to avoid harming the teeth and also gums.

While a toothbrush can help remove debris that tends to collect on the surface of your tongue, the soft bristles may sometimes fail to eliminate everything that’s supposed to be eliminated.

This is when a tongue scraper can come to the rescue — out of plastic or metal such as stainless steel or copper, this spoon-shaped tool is better for removing debris on the surface of the tongue than a toothbrush, according to a study conducted on the said handheld tool back in 2004.

Benefits Offered

It is a wonderful idea for you to get your hands on a tongue scraper, which is available these days at most pharmacies, convenience stores and supermarkets. You can also purchase one online.

There are numerous perks to enjoy for using a tongue scraper each time you brush your teeth:

Reduced bad breath

Debris that tend to collect on the tongue’s surface can make your breath reek, and that’s why cleaning your tongue with a tongue scraper can help fend off bad breath.

Lowered risk for all sorts of oral issues

Bacteria that can accumulate on the surface of your tongue can cause not only bad breath, but also far more serious problems such as cavities and gum disease.

Optimized sense of taste

With debris removed effectively, your tongue becomes better at distinguishing various tastes such as sweet, bitter, sour and salty, thus allowing you to enjoy every food and beverage.

Improved appearance of the tongue

Using a tongue scraper can make your tongue look clean and healthy — sticking it out or flashing an open-mouthed smile won’t leave you embarrassed afterwards.

How It’s Used

The best time to use a tongue scraper is right after brushing your teeth, dentists say. So this means that it’s best to use it at least twice a day, just like brushing.

Extend your tongue as far as you can. Place the tool as far back on your tongue as you can — avoid getting your gag reflex stimulated. Using a pressure that’s not too firm as to break the surface of your tongue but firm enough as to effectively remove debris, slowly pull the tongue scraper towards the tip of your tongue.

Rinse the tongue scraper under running water and then repeat the steps above until you have covered the entire surface of the tongue. Rinse your mouth with water afterwards, and also clean your tongue scraper with soap and water.

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