Chicory Coffee: Get Introduced to This Healthy Coffee Substitute

If you are a coffee lover but you have to part ways with your beloved beverage because it often leaves you with anxiety, palpitations, headaches and acid reflux, then continue reading. This article will introduce you to a coffee substitute that is completely devoid of caffeine — chicory coffee. So read on and rejoice!

Actually, chicory coffee is quite popular in coffee shops in New Orleans. Sometimes chicory is brewed together with coffee beans, other times it’s just piping-hot chicory.

There are many perks to switching from regular coffee to chicory coffee, and one of those is the obvious fact that there is no caffeine present in it.

If you want to turn your back on caffeine but without really going for decaffeinated coffee, consider trying chicory coffee. According to those who have already consumed chicory coffee, it’s really not something that could be mistaken for the real deal. However, they add that it is actually so much better than most coffees out there!

Since it’s completely caffeine-free, a cup of chicory coffee won’t leave you with the usual issues encountered in particular by those who are sensitive to caffeine — racing heartbeat, lightheadedness, headaches, hand tremors, anxiety and heartburn. It’s the perfect drink during a very busy day as it won’t contribute further to your stress.

Another benefit that comes with switching to chicory coffee is its budget-friendly. Many years in the past when coffee prices soared because of low supply and high demand, many of those who couldn’t get their hands on coffee because of the steep price tags went for chicory coffee. It’s almost just like the real thing, but the cost is no deal-breaker!

Here’s another reason why going for chicory coffee helps you stretch your budget really, really far: just a little of this amazing coffee substitute goes a long way.

When making yourself a freshly-brewed cup of chicory coffee, you need to use half a teaspoon of it — more than that can be very overpowering, most especially if you are not used to drinking strong coffee. So for starters, it is generally a good idea to use no more than half a teaspoon of chicory coffee. After getting used to the taste, it is completely up to you to experiment with the amount of chicory coffee that perfectly suits your liking.

By the way, some people love brewing regular coffee and chicory coffee together, in particular those who cannot entirely say “bye-bye” to coffee but no longer wants to experience the nasty side effects of caffeine.

Making a cup of regular coffee and chicory coffee is rather easy. All you have to do is divide the amount of regular coffee you use for making a cup into three, and then replace one portion of it with chicory coffee. For instance, if you normally use 1 teaspoon of regular coffee then a third of the said amount is replaced with chicory coffee. So that’s: 2/3 regular coffee plus 1/3 chicory coffee in a cup of hot water.

One more benefit that chicory coffee is said to offer is it’s actually capable of zapping parasites living in the gut. You surely wouldn’t want any parasitic organisms residing in your intestines as they can devour much of the nutrients present in the food you eat, leaving your body with very little for its normal functioning.

If you want to try having a cup of chicory coffee, you may grab a pack of it online and offline. When shopping, it’s a good idea for you to opt for one that comes from a reputable manufacturer or seller for your full satisfaction. Some people actually make their own chicory coffee grounds from scratch. Such can be done by chopping up chicory root and then drying them under the sun for several days. Afterwards, they are roasted.

Have you already tried a cup of chicory coffee? If so, kindly share your experience with it in the comments section below. And also, don’t forget to repost this article online to get your family and friends introduced to chicory coffee!

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