Reasons Why You’re Not Earning from Your Blog

Thanks to the appearance of social media and the internet, blogs have sprouted up by the hundreds. There is practically dozens or more for every single topic on earth, with authors adding their own spin to the niche. Of course, there are those who just blog as their past time, while others are using their page to earn money. But how come your blog is not earning as much as you would like?

Low-page views

One of the problems why blogs don’t earn much is when they have low-page views. Page views matter if you want to earn money and you won’t be able to do that if you are not going to be updating your blog regularly. If your blog has high page views, more advertising companies will hear of you and will want to get in touch with you to place ads where you can earn money, and even increase your affiliate links as well.

No workable plan

Just because you want to earn money through your blog, it doesn’t mean that you should just set up your blog and run it haphazardly. If you want this to work, you will have to create a workable plan that you will use as a guide to run your business. You will need to figure out what your blog will be about, how much you plan on earning, or are you going to use affiliate marketing. It’s important that you have an idea on what your blog will be about before you even start it.

Using free blogging site

Another reason why your blog isn’t earning is because you are using a free blogging site. The problem with free blogs is that they tend to appear boring and they don’t have enough plugins to make your blogs successful. Another problem with free blogs is that you don’t really own them and you have to deal with limited storage too.

You forget your email list

If you haven’t set up an email list for your blog, then you’re missing out on a lot of possible earnings. Even if you are just starting out with your blog, it is always a good idea to set up your mailing list so you can send your readers or buyers with updates every now and then. The more people who sign up for your blog, the better your earnings will be especially when you manage to convert them.

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